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What You Need to Know About Mobility Scooters?

Posted by Tom Lee on

Mobility Scooters, which are designed to help people with impaired mobility, are single-seat vehicles. These may be run by electrical power, gas or batteries and are designed in a manner quite similar to motorized vehicles. These might comprise of 3 or 4 wheels and can be operated with a handlebar or a tiller – just like those which can be spotted in bicycles. These usually come with flat bases for footrests and luxury seats.

Motorised Scooter

Features of the scooters

These have been designed for outdoor as well as indoor travel purposes. Most of these scooters can be dismantled completely and stored at the time of not being used. Higher versions of these chairs come mounted on rods which can swivel and allow greater mobility. These can also be provisions to recline these chairs and allow quick naps. Various manufacturers also provide many additional features, and the carrier – which is generally attached underneath the handlebar – is a feature that can always be found. Some of the models are driven forward by a push on the lever with nothing but the thumb or fingers, just like on bicycle brakes.

Power source of the scooter

These types of scooters come fitted with rechargeable batteries. Based on the scooter model, these batteries can allow riders to travel over 30 miles. Based on the model that is purchased, the smaller boot sectors allow a range of about 10-15 miles. In some cases, the batteries can be upgraded to allow better performance. One more battery pack can also be carried along in order to double the electric scooter range in an effective manner.

Keys of the scooter

These types of scooters generally need a key to be started, and are static without this key. The key start feature allows you to leave your mobility scooter out of your home or outside shops without the risk of getting them stolen. There is a freewheel mode in Disability Scooters which allow them to be moved without being turned on. This allows easier storage and transportation of these kinds of scooters and can help riders when the batteries are being charged and the scooter needs to be moved.

Speed of the scooter

The speed of these scooters can easily be assessed by the extent of pressure which can be applied on the forward/backward lever. The complete speed of your disabled scooter is regulated by the speed dial feature that you can find on the control panel. It can be better to make use of a lower speed setting when you are getting used to your mobility scooter. On mobility scooters which are legal to drive on roads, a switch is present which can reduce the speed of the vehicle to 4 mph from 8 mph. This will make it possible for the scooter to be used on pavements in a legal manner. If you wish to reduce your speed, you will simply need to let go of the forward or backward level which would bring the vehicle to a halt immediately.



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