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Benefits of a Mobility Scooter for Broken Leg, Foot, & Ankle

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The benefits of having a mobility scooter for broken leg, foot, or ankle are numerous. First, it will allow you the ability to maintain your independence despite your injury. Very often, you may feel like you will be bedridden for an extended period of time once you are in a cast if diagnosed with a broken foot. This is not the case if you can afford to get a mobility scooter. For a broken leg, you will want to ensure you get a special type of mobility scooter that will allow you to easily get in and out without much trouble. Some mobility scooters do not have armrests that go up which can make entry and exit more difficult.

When you have a broken leg, you’ll need to be careful. Balance is certainly tougher as is likely not use to a full leg cast. Being able to ensure you are always sturdy is critically important. Of course, using a mobility scooter with a broken leg does have its risks. You risk potentially falling while getting on or off the mobility scooter. Only you know how well you are at balancing. The benefits for most consumers outweigh the potential negative. Being able to still travel a long distance with a broken leg is considered a gift to many. Keep in mind, if you were to use crutches and are with friends or family, they’ll likely have to slow down to wait for you. Many people do not want to be a burden to their friends or family.

Even after your broken leg heals, you may find that you actually love the mobility scooter and want to continue using it. It will allow you to go further and faster. They are fantastic for trips that would usually require extensive walking like trips to museums, parks, theme parks, car shows, and more. As we age, the need for a mobility scooter becomes greater and greater. There are several different types of mobility scooters for broken legs, ankle, and feet that we will now review.

Types of Mobility Scooters for Broken Leg, Foot, or Ankle

There are several different types of mobility scooter. The right type for you will depend on several factors. Some of these factors include your budget, vehicle type, and preference. Sometimes, it is best to do a phone consultation with one of our mobility scooter experts who are trained to ask you the right question so they can do their best job at making a recommendation that would be right for you and your personal circumstances. It is awfully difficult to attempt and blindly advise which is the best type of electric scooter for broken legs without knowing any other piece of information.

Travel Mobility Scooters – For broken legs, feet, or ankles a travel mobility scooter can be a fantastic option as it easily allows you to bring your scooter to places with you. This is unlike heavy duty scooters which can be more difficult to transport due to the weight difference. The heaviest piece of a travel mobility scooter might be around 35lbs where the heaviest piece of a heavy-duty mobility scooter can be over 200lbs. You can browse through our large selection of travel mobility scooters here.

Folding Mobility Scooters – This type of mobility scooter can be a little more difficult if you have a broken leg, foot, or ankle because they are smaller in nature. They are meant to fold up so you may not have much room to put your leg if it is broken. This can cause an uncomfortable ride so please keep this in mind. The folding aspect makes these types of mobility scooters highly sought after but keep in mind that if you are in a cast it can become very uncomfortable and cause you not to enjoy it. If you’d like to see the options despite this warning, you can do so by clicking here.

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters – If you have a vehicle that has a strong class hitch rating and can afford a vehicle lift, you can get the best of all worlds. You can travel with your mobility scooter and get a very large one that will have plenty of room. Additionally, these scooters are known for the excellence range. Some models can go in excess of 25 miles on a single charge and reach top speeds of 9MPH. If that is too fast for you, do not worry. You are able to modulate the speed on most models with a knob. The amount of room is the biggest quality since you will have a cast on your broken leg, foot, or ankle. You can view all of the heavy duty mobility scooters by clicking here.

Getting a Complimentary Consultation for the Best Scooter

At Mobility Scooters Direct, we’ve been helping customers for several years and have sold millions of dollars worth of product. We have fantastic ratings because we truly ask the right types of questions. It is our goal to try and find the perfect scooter for you. With the largest selection, it is easy to hone in on the perfect scooter for you and what you are looking for.

You’ll also enjoy getting the lowest possible prices when shopping at Mobility Scooters Direct since nearly every single one of our products are listed at the rock bottom price the manufacturers will allow us to advertise at. If we dropped the pricing any further, we risk the possibility of the manufacturer placing our account in trouble. However, there are several seasonal coupons that are typically available so be sure to ask your sales rep if there are any applicable coupons for the product that you are interested in.

It is our goal that this blog post on mobility scooters for broken legs, ankles, and feet has helped you understand the different options you have available at your disposal. Trust Mobility Scooters Direct and our fantastic reviews to serve you as if you were a member of our family.



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