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What are the Best Mobility Scooters for RVs & Campers

Posted by Tom Lee on

Searching what the best mobility scooters for RVs and campers are? You are not alone. Did you know there are over 10 million people who own a recreational vehicle? Mobility scooters that are meant for traveling can easily be stored inside of an RV while larger, heavy-duty mobility scooters can be stored on a vehicle lift on the back of the camper or RV. If you are frequently traveling, once you get to your destination it is critical you are able to get out of the RV and enjoy a certain level of independence.

Once we hit a certain age, it becomes more difficult to walk on trails that are sometimes 2+ miles each way. Especially if there is a slight grade. However, the scenes you are able to witness at the conclusion of these trails are usually breathtaking and totally worth getting to. Having a mobility scooter will help you get there comfortably and quickly. Just be sure you choose a mobility scooter based on how you intend to use it! A good example is that if you intend on always going on trails with steep slopes, be sure to choose a heavy-duty based unit that is rated for larger climbable grades.

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters for Recreational Vehicles

mobility scooter for rvsNot sure where you would even start searching for a heavy-duty mobility scooter for recreational vehicles? Leave the hard work to us. Give us a call and let us know the type of RV that you have along with what you need the mobility scooter to accomplish. Will you use it mainly indoors? Outdoors? On trails? How long would you like to travel before needing to charge your battery? After we obtain these answers we can make a recommendation specific to your goals. We’ll even check RV & camper lift compatibility so you know you can easily transport it. For most people, heavy-duty mobility scooters for RVs are the answer as they are adventurous and intend on using their product outdoors, on trails, and demand a longer travel range; all while remaining comfortable.

There are very small chances that the mobility scooter can fit inside the RV or camper if it is a heavy-duty unit. Some of these heavy-duty products can weigh in excess of 300lbs and might not be able to maneuver into the cabin due to the width. So if you are intending on storing the mobility scooter inside your camper, you will want to be sure that you can fit it through the door. Measure the width of your door and compare it to the overall width of the scooter you’re interested in. Be sure to allow some room for error and margin. For instance, if your RV has a 26″ wide door but your scooter is 26″ wide, chances are that you will have a very difficult time getting it inside. However, if your door is 26″ wide and your mobility scooter is 20″ wide, that leaves you 3″ on each side to maneuver it into your RV.  The weight would also be an important factor to consider if you intend on storing the scooter inside.

Folding Mobility Scooters for Campers

Mobility scooters for camping are nothing new, people have been hauling their mobility scooters around for many years. To some, they just need something lightweight and versatile to help them get around campgrounds. folding scooter for campersAlternatively, if you stop at shopping destinations and not sure how big the malls are, a mobility scooter can truly allow you to explore new places. If you do not wish to affix a handicap scooter vehicle lift to your RV then you should consider something that has a small footprint, is lightweight, and not too wide. That is the very definition of a folding mobility scooter for campers. They will easily fold and be able to be tucked into a corner or a closet if you have one on your RV.

While these will not be ideal for rough terrain or long trips outdoors, it may get the job done in lesser extreme conditions. Always consult your user manual to ensure you are operating the mobility scooter for how it was intended to be used. This will ensure mobility scooter longevity and that you do not get stuck. In short, the options are plentiful. So the idea is to take the time to find the perfect product for you. Our USA based sales staff would be more than happy to assist you.  Compare mobility scooters for RVs with experts today! Enjoy everyday low aggressive pricing when you buy from Mobility Scooters Direct!


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