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What is the best mobility scooter to take on an aeroplane?

Posted by Tom Lee on

What is the best mobility scooter to take on an aeroplane?

When travelling internationally, it makes sense if you are a mobility scooter user, to select a scooter that is both lightweight and compact to reduce any extra fees your airline or holiday company might levy on you.

In this short article, we are going to look at some of our selected mobility scooter options, so that you can choose the best model and features for your own personal requirements.

Of course, apart from only considering weight and dimensions of your mobility scooter, it is also a good idea to consider other accessories, features and benefits to aid you on your travels.

The good news is that today’s compact foldable mobility scooters are manufactured with the intention that the user will be travelling on holidays and for other purposes, including business use, so the options available today are far in advance of what was available only ten years ago.

As an example of this convenience, the Drive Medical Flex Folding Mobility Scooter comes in a modern sporty design that really appeals to all the aesthetic senses, this ultra-compact mobility scooter comes in at only 27.25kg, the Drive Medical Electronically folds down with ease and comes with a generous range of up to 13 miles on a full charge.

Safety features include anti-roll back system for use on hilly terrain and also anti tip rear wheels.

The tyres are puncture proof meaning you have the peace of mind to set off on any of your travel adventures without having to be too concerned about the terrain. The Drive Medical Flex Folding Mobility Scooter comes in at a price of under £1700 (with VAT relief) making it exceptionally good value.

Another strong contender for your holiday travel needs is the TGA Minimo Plus Folding Compact Mobility Scooter, This fully featured mobility scooter has a contemporary styling and sporty stance, it comes with a powerful Lithium-Ion Battery that will give you a sporty top speed of 4mph (6.4kph), and a maximum range on full charge of 10 km, so plenty of scope for all your holiday exploring.

Like the Drive Medical, the TGA Minimo Plus Folding Compact Mobility Scooter is the ideal companion for short or long haul flights, this scooter is easily foldable and collapses down in a matter of seconds into a robust unit that will fit into any plane hold with minimum expense or hassle checking in.

The chassis is lightweight and made of carbon fibre and the seat has a quick release mechanism making this an easy to handle yet packed with features model.

There are anti-tip side castors fitted to the TGA Minimo Plus, to enable safety when going down lowered kerbs or uneven surfaces. This is a great feature for the types of terrain you may encounter in some European destinations, making terraces, streets, beach areas and interior surface textures a breeze.

At just under £1800 (with VAT relief) and being reduced from our previous price of £2654, again with VAT relief, it represents a saving of £855.50 so a great value option for your summer escapes!

The Roma Yoga Folding mobility Scooter is a great option for your holiday travel and particularly for taking on an aeroplane, this exceptionally lightweight scooter comes in at a weight of only 26kg, including batteries.

As its name suggests, the Roma Yoga is about flexibility, poise and balance, you will not find a more assured ride across any terrain or surface to be encountered on your foreign excursions.

This powerful little scooter has all the features you would expect from a leading brand, but many more besides, usually only associated with more expensive models.

This includes twin front wheels with suspension and non-marking puncture proof tyres. The Roma Yoga Folding mobility Scooter also comes with Height and angle adjustable steering tiller making it the ideal fit for your own personal preferences and giving a great posture on your ride.

The Roma Yoga comes in at just under £1600 (with VAT relief) so it offers great value as well as advanced features. A great companion for your international travel and ease of airport processing.

If you love to turn heads as well as having a wheelchair that turns in a great performance, then the Pride iGo Folding Electric Wheelchair may be just the thing for you.

This beautifully designed electric wheelchair comes with naturally sporty lines and a slightly funky offbeat personality. Great for taking on the plane, as its extremely lightweight, fully foldable and very compact in design.

The Pride iGo Folding Electric Wheelchair compacts down and can be rolled into an area for storage and with the batteries removed weighs just 19.8kgs!

If you’re thinking that there might be some hilly terrain or tricky uneven surfaces at your holiday or business location, then the front suspension of the Pride Igo is set to smooth them all away. The smooth and exceptionally sure-footed handling of the Pride iGo Folding Electric Wheelchair, means you can tackle any surface, any terrain and enjoy your journey with confidence.

The batteries are longer lasting than most powerchair batteries, this means that daily on your holidays is no problem. There is also convenient under seat storage for your bag or any other valuables.

The Pride iGo Folding Electric Wheelchair is your ideal choice for taking on an aeroplane, as the lightweight build and compactness mean that pre-flight hassles are ironed out and you can concentrate on enjoying the experience rather than worrying.

We sell thousands of the Pride Igo to users every year, many of whom are regular flyers and testament to its ease of use and suitability for long or short haul flights.

So, we hope that we’ve sparked off a few ideas of models of scooters and wheelchairs that are great for your flights and holiday use.

Remember, this is just a taster of what we have available, so check out more of our folding mobility scooter and wheelchair models at our website, you’ll find the full ranges at: Folding Electric Wheelchairs or Folding Mobility Scooters .

If you’d like to discuss your own personal requirements in person with us, you can call us any time on 0800 567 7222.

Enjoy your travels wherever you roam and remember, we’re always here to help you prepare for your travels or for any other matter. Our intention is to make your life more enjoyable and hassle free!


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