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About Us

E smart way is first Chinese online shop dedicate to short distance transportation whether it is for fun or commute. We sell Electric Bike, electric wheelchair, E-bike conversion Kit, Electric Scooter, Electric unicycle, personal transporter, Electric Skateboard, mobility scooter, Bicycle

E smart way empowers people everywhere to move across their cities, campuses, and communities in ways that are fun, fast, and simple. our broader mission has always been to address the “last mile” problem with ultra-light, high-performance electric vehicles that redefine what transportation can be.

The mobility landscape and how people are moving from A to B is changing. We are in the midst of a transportation revolution and there is little doubt that e-scooters have found their way in and are here to stay. With the proliferation of ride hailing services, accessibility to e-scooters, and other unique ways to move freely, little by little, we are taking back the streets.

We care about elderly to sell Mobility scooters, Mobility scooters can provide newfound freedom to elderly individuals that are struggling with day to day activities. They are a great way to regain independence. our aim is to provide you with the best products on the market.

We believe that cycling is for everyone, not just the fit and the young. Whether riding a mountain bike through a forest track, climbing the hills on a cross bike, screaming down the hills on a road bike or pulling the kids around on a tag along, few things beat the fun and exhilaration of cycling. It's worth mentioning that with the contribution of electricity, now there is no reason for you to miss out.

That's what we dedicated and why we started our online shop which focus on electric bicycle series ,such as electric bike conversion kits, mountain and city electric bikes, fat tire electric bikes and relative parts for electric bicycles.

All products we are selling reflect our interests and professionalism. No matter whether you are looking for e-cycles for commute, touring or random, we can help you with the best choice!      

In today's population, there are a growing number of people that rely on electric scooters and related equipment to remain mobile in everyday life: the busy conference attendee who needs to navigate a large convention center, cruise goers who want the independence and safety that these devices provide, the elderly and those with physical challenges who simply need extra assistance in their daily lives. These people want to enjoy the same freedom and independence when they travel. We provide the answer through our wide range selection of Mobility scooters