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Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Welcome to E smart way Electric Bike Conversion Kit collection , your source for electric bike conversion kits direct from leading Chinese manufacturers. For over 8 years we have proudly represented brands offering simple electrification upgrades.

Browse our selection of affordable conversion kits, perfect for transforming your trusted bicycle into an e-bike. With our kits, enjoying the benefits of electric pedal assistance is more accessible than ever.

Converting with one of our kits is an easy and efficient solution for riders interested in electric cycling. Intuitive installations maintain your bike's look while unlocking motorized transportation.

Pedal as you please with boosts up hills and on longer rides. Carbon-free commutes and fitness have never been more enjoyable or practical. Upgrade any bike style from casual to serious performance machines.

Our integrated kits offer a seamless solution with the motor, battery and controller already combined into one efficient unit. Installation is effortless while delivering serious electric performance.

Shop with confidence in our expertise and manufacturer partnerships. Reliable systems and your bicycle's second life await