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B2B Business

Welcome to E smart way, your source for micro-mobility solutions. While previously focusing on end consumers, we now aim to empower global business through our extensive micro-mobility product suppliers in China available on a B2B basis.

For over eight years, E Smart Way has proudly served the micro-mobility needs of customers worldwide. Through our selection of electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, electric unicycle and  electric  boards, we've empowered thousands to discover transportation freedom and independence.

Our established Hong Kong company, Innovatek International Co., Limited, will facilitate B2B transactions and wholesale distribution worldwide. As representatives of leading Chinese micro-mobility manufacturers, Innovatek directly sources high-quality products at competitive prices from china micro-mobility product suppliers

Representing many of China's leading manufacturers, Innovatek directly sources products at competitive wholesale prices. Relying on long-term manufacturing partnerships cultivated over a decade, our expansive inventory contains high-quality, innovative designs pushing technological boundaries. Whether procuring for fleets, rentals or retail stores, we can fulfill large volume requirements. Most items in our catalog can be procured on a B2B basis, though some products are suited solely for end consumers.

With years of hard-won industry expertise under our belt, Innovatek offers unparalleled buying knowledge and market insights. Our specialist team provides customized solutions tailored to specific commercial needs. Furthermore, we deliver uncompromising logistics excellence to get products where they need to be worldwide.

We are dedicated to empowering businesses just as we've empowered individuals - by opening doors to sustainable transportation solutions on a massive scale. To achieve this, we seek authorized distributors, importers and wholesalers globally to join our established network.

Through strategic partnerships with commercial buyers, Innovatek aims to drive the future of mobility commerce hand-in-hand. We invite you to explore how we can help electrify your markets and reliably power new opportunities. Contact us to discuss the promising potential of collaborative progress.

Together, let's carry E Smart Way's mission far beyond borders - empowering users and stimulating economies worldwide through green, affordable micro-mobility transportation on a business-to-business level.