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EV Development

E Smart Way: Electric Powertrain Solutions and Combustion Car Conversion Specialists


E Smart Way is a dedicated team that specializes in electric powertrain solutions for electric vehicles (EVs). With over 10 years of international business experience in the EV industry and a network of more than 80 top factories in China, E Smart Way has provided over 5000 E-Driving solutions to customers worldwide. Our team of professional engineers excels in motor, controller, speedometer, charger, battery, and other related industries. E Smart Way is known for its passionate after-sales service, ensuring prompt responses within 24 working hours.

Our services include EV development  electric vehicles conversion, where we offer comprehensive solutions ranging from building e-bikes from scratch, modifying gasoline motorcycles into EVs, upgrading small power electric bikes, and even converting combustion cars into electric cars. E Smart Way can assist with structural design and adjustment, electric powertrain testing, mold creation, and vehicle assembly. The process starts with clarifying your requirements, followed by the development stages such as design sketching, plastocene modeling, 3D design, and project data review. Rapid prototyping and mold creation for various components like plastic covers, lights, and frames are also part of our services.

Once the initial development is complete, E Smart Way conducts rigorous testing, including road tests and chassis dynamometer tests to evaluate the performance of the EV.  We have professional driver teams who can perform extensive road testing of up to 15,000km, ensuring the reliability and functionality of the converted vehicles. Moreover, E Smart Way has a strong technical team that can support accurate analysis, parameter adjustments, and comprehensive testing of the entire electric powertrain system.

In addition to their expertise in e-bikes and EV development, E Smart Way also offers services for converting combustion cars into electric cars. Whether you want to convert a specific combustion car model or upgrade your existing small power electric car, E Smart Way can provide total or partial solutions. They can assist with the structural design and adjustment required for the conversion, perform electric powertrain tests, and handle the assembly of the electric car.

E Smart Way emphasizes their strong technical team and powerful supplier network, enabling them to provide accurate analysis, concrete proposals, and comprehensive testing for the entire electric powertrain system. We have successfully provided customized electric powertrain solutions to numerous global partners and clients, with a focus on localized production, vehicle conversion, EV development, and EV assembly.
Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their market data support, supplier information screening, technical team expertise, 3D design samples, vehicle mass production capabilities, and after-sales service. E Smart Way aims to provide efficient connections between the supply chain in China and the market, saving customers time and effort in finding the right partners for their EV projects.