Free Shipping On All Orders Storewide

Shipping Notice

Free Shipping On All Orders Storewide


We don't ship the order by air, since our product is big item and it is not Cost-effective to ship it by air. The airfreight is usually three times or four times  product cost


Also most of items that sold in our website is a special product with large capacity battery, which cannot be directly transported to your country by express. Instead, it must be transported by special line to your country and then transferred to the local UPS/FEDEX after customs clearance.


For north america order, we ship it by sea. It would takes about 30-40 days to deliver to north america after the goods boarding the ship which will only take about 12 days longer than air transportation



For EU countries order,  We ship it by train. It would takes about 25-35 days to deliver to the EU after the goods boarding the train which will only take about 8-10 days longer than air transportation


For New Zealand Australia Order, we ship it by sea. It would takes about 40-50 days to deliver to New Zealand Australia after the goods boarding the ship


For some items, we have stock in local warehouse. The delivery will be much faster in this case


The shipment status can not be tracked during the sea or train transportation until the package arrive at local UPS/FEDEX distribution center.  It only show LABEL CREATED


Corona virus  Pandemic impact on logistic and factory supply chain in china. Thus your order delivery maybe delayed.


We will work our best to ship your order ASAP.  But sometimes, The situation we cannot control, please be patient in this case.  For the customer who threaten to refund payment simply because of a little bit delay of shipment and the delay is caused by the situation that we can not control. Please don't buy from our store

When you click to buy and pay the item in our store, It mean that you accept our shipping policy 


The shipping cost increase by about 30% due to corona virus pandemic. We still offer free shipping to our customers.


Some product page may show different shipping policy. But this one prevail.