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Electric bicycle

An electric bicycle also known as an e-bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion. Many kinds of e-bikes are available worldwide, from e-bikes that only have a small motor to assist the rider's pedal-power (i.e. pedelecs) to more powerful e-bikes which are closer to moped-style functionality. All retain the ability to be pedalled by the rider and are therefore not electric motorcycles.

Welcome to E smart way E bike collection, your source for electric bicycles direct from Chinese manufacturers. For over 8 years we have proudly represented industry-leading domestic e-bike brands, passing the savings of our direct partnerships on to customers.

Browse our extensive selection covering the full range of electric bicycle models. Cruise town and country on mountain or road style bikes built for optimal performance. Folding designs offer effortless portability, while fat tire options smoothly conquer rough terrain.

Our electric bicycles let you enjoy every ride while saving physical effort. Electric pedal assistance propels you uphill and on longer journeys, without restricting your enjoyment of the journey. Choose from compact commuter styles up to full-featured models designed for touring.

Shop with confidence in our expertise representing countless satisfied buyers to Chinese factory partners. Whether needing a fun fitness or commuting companion, or looking to explore nature trails together - we have the e-bike to match your active lifestyle and dreams of personal electric transport.