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Mobility Scooters– Some Important Tips for the Users

Posted by Tom Lee on

If this is your first time looking at mobility scooters, you may be struggling with where to start. So below are some important tips for the users that should get you started:Your sense of independence does not have to diminish because you suffer from restricted movement. Life can change dramatically when you lose the ability to walk without assistance either temporarily or permanently due to factors like injury, disease, obesity, growing age and so on. No one likes being dependent on others for simple tasks like getting from point A to B. If you want your freedom back, a mobility scooter can help you with that. These are powered mobility aids that run on rechargeable batteries. Unlike wheelchairs, mobility scooters actually look like a fun ride, which is also comfortable for the user. If you are thinking of getting a mobility scooter for yourself, get to know some basic information on how to buy these and how to use these.  

Purchase and Maintenance:
You must buy a mobility scooter that is appropriate for your condition as well as for your height, weight and size. It is always a good idea to consult with a professional before making the purchase. Your occupational therapist may be able to give you valuable advice based on a thorough assessment of your condition. You can even ask the dealer for a test drive! If this is your first time driving a mobility scooter, it is advisable that you get a training course on it. As far as maintenance is concerned, to keep your mobility scooter Brisbane in good condition for years to come, you would need to keep up with regular care and occasional repair and replacements. The scooter needs protected from extreme moisture and extreme heat. Inspect the batteries and tyres every now then to make sure they are fine. Lastly, don’t forget to get the scooter serviced at least once a year. Servicing and maintenance will be required more often if you have bought a used mobility scooter.

Driving Indoors and Outdoors:

You need to be careful when taking the scooter up and down curbs. Make sure you always take the right angle and don’t go higher than the recommended speed when getting up and down curbs. You need to be extra careful if the view is restricted by hedge or a wall. Also, when you are driving on pavements, you should be careful not to hurt any pedestrians. Avoid speeding since your scooter may topple over if you cannot control it on high speeds. The brakes may work slowly with mobility scooters. So if you need to stop, make sure you reduce the speed early on. When using public transport on your mobility scooter, you need to follow the safety rules and guidelines. Lastly when using elevators, you need to drive in and back up straight out safely.



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