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What is a “folding mobility scooter”?

Posted by Tom Lee on

When shopping for mobility scooters, you will find that there are a number of brands that offer “fold up mobility scooters”, “folding scooters” or “foldable mobility scooters”. Compared to traditional power scooters and mobility scooters, a foldable mobility scooter like SmartScoot™ is designed to both fold into a more compact shape and disassemble to make transportation and storage more convenient. Within the realm of foldable mobility scooters, there are numerous brands with various features and benefits. SmartScoot™, in particular, offers high-power, low-weight lithium-ion batteries and an easy folding mechanism.

Fold up mobility scooters differ greatly brand-to-brand. Some brands, like SmartScoot™, offer lightweight foldable mobility scooters with new lithium-ion batteries. Other foldable mobility scooters may use traditional, and heavier, lead-acid batteries. Battery size (which is directly related to the folding scooter travel range) and type are a significant factor in the total weight of a mobility scooter. In its fold up mobility scooter, SmartScoot™ supplies 4 pound lithium-ion batteries, some of the lightest on the market, without trading power. These batteries only need an hour to charge and can travel for 12 hours on each charge.

Understanding the scooters’ ‘folding’ features, such as easily disconnected parts and simple folding and reassembly controls, are key in determining which foldable mobility scooter you choose. Whether you plan on using your folding scooter for travel, grocery shopping or to simply ride around your neighborhood, choosing a fold up mobility scooter that you can easily pick up and put in your trunk can be the difference between a mobility scooter you love and a mobility scooter you wish you hadn’t bought. SmartScoot™ can be folded in both an assembled and partially disassembled configuration to fit in the back of almost any car. This means that you can take your SmartScoot™ almost anywhere without being restricted to using an external lift or a large SUV.

Beyond considerations of weight and a folding mechanism, a foldable mobility scooter must be able to perform in the ways your lifestyle demands. Just because a fold up mobility scooter is lightweight doesn’t mean it should be for light use. A high-quality fold up mobility scooter has power and stability. SmartScoot™ provides a foldable mobility scooter that offers varying rear wheel axle width, variable speed control, and front wheel drive. Varying rear wheel axle width means that you can either shorten the axle width to fit into smaller spaces, like stateroom doors on cruises, or widen it for greater stability. Variable speed gives SmartScoot™ the versatility to conquer diverse terrain and front wheel drive offers increased safety, power and stability when navigating an incline.

Fold up mobility scooters answer the needs of people with mobility challenges due to chronic conditions or temporary injury. To determine which fold up mobility scooter is ideal for your needs, make sure to take into account the weight, size, folding mechanism and versatility of each fold up mobility scooter that you consider. Understanding these key attributes will help ensure you make the right decision for your lifestyle and needs.

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