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The Best Mobility Products to Take On A Vacation

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The Best Mobility Products to Take On A Vacation

The Best Mobility Vehicles to Take On A Vacation

The development of mobility vehicles helped people who wanted to enhance their mobility experience. It was a very exceptional invention that made daily activities easier for people with mobility issues and normal people who utilize these devices. We are going to find out the best products to bring on our vacations and the things that we need to consider when choosing the best option. It’s great to get a portable mobility model that can be easily stored inside the trunk of your car by folding or disassembling its frame. You can also easily bring it when boarding an airplane and keeping it inside your house. So, if you are planning to take a mobility vehicle with you on your next vacation then it is essential to learn about the best you could have.

What Is A Portable Mobility Vehicle?

Portable mobility units are scooters that can be folded or disassembled, in the sense that they make storage easier and more convenient for anyone who owns them. There are some of them that were completely automatic as it can transform to a folded mode in just a single click of a remote or button, but portable models are usually manual. Despite the manual operation, adjusting these units is very easy. This type of mobility product is made to be used both indoors and outdoors. And if you wanted to know more about these products, they are actually almost the same as the conventional handicap units that you can see around.

If you are thinking if the quality of these scooters is being diminished in order to achieve its portable design, you shouldn't worry. Durability and comfort are not removed or lessened, and to be honest, they still provide good deals and features. So, if you are someone who is looking for a device that can be easily transferred from one place to another, then portable units are the best for you.

What Are The Types Of Mobility Vehicles To Bring With You On A Vacation?

The best type of units that are worth considering when you are going to take them on a vacation are those that can be either folded or disassembled, which is wiser when it comes to maximizing storage space. It is important to choose those that can provide mobility and can be easily brought on any off chance of traveling on any means of transportation. Imagine someone who would like to enjoy a vacation trip but they can't bring their vehicle with them because it can’t be folded or disassembled - that will probably cause frustration for anyone.


Given that your choice of model has the capability to be folded or disassembled, the space it needs for its storage is usually less compared to those that can’t be folded. And if you can store one in a smaller space, it means that you can easily put it inside your car’s trunk, making it simple to transport in case you are required to bring it to places further away. This works the same if you are going to take it on an airplane. Portable models nowadays can easily fit into different cars once folded and kept in the trunk. So, if you are going to travel on your vacation together with your family, you can easily bring your unit with you to accompany you on your wonderful trip.


Of course, the mobility given by portable designs is similar to normal models. The only difference between them is that you can easily bring portable vehicles anywhere while keeping it in the storage of your car. All you need to do is to learn how to properly fold or disassemble the unit and you are good to go.

Weight Capacity

You should also be aware of the weight capacity of your portable device because it will help you determine if the mobility unit can sustain your weight without affecting its durability and performance. But a good shooter should be able to sustain its user’s weight and some more additional loads like personal belongings. Usually, models have at least 250 pounds of weight capacity.

The Best Portable Mobility Models To Take On A Vacation

EV Rider: Transport Plus Foldable Unit

The main feature offered by the Transport Plus Foldable model is the extended range, compactness, and the lightweight maneuverability. This mobility unit from EV Rider comes with a comfortable backrest and a storage basket for carrying your belongings. The battery life of this mobility vehicle is also enough for all-day use as it can sustain enough power to travel for 15 miles. This is a magnificent product for its price range as it is quite unique in this tier. It is very easy to maneuver and can even be steered single-handedly. Whoever will use this model will surely experience excellent relaxation and comfort, improved mobility and very easy driving.

It is good for both indoor and outdoor use and thanks to its sleek design, it can be easily folded for storage purposes. You can even bring it with you when you are going to travel overseas as it is safe for airline cargoes.

Pride Mobility: Go-Go Sport

The Go-Go Sport by Pride Mobility brand is a four-wheel design that can support almost anyone, especially those who are injured, disabled, or are elderly people. The Go-Go Sport is equipped with fully adjustable tillers with a vinyl cover. The good thing about this scooter is that it only requires a few steps and a little effort before you are able to hold it down. Thanks to the very sleek and portable design of the Go-Go Sport you don’t need to worry anymore about bringing your vehicle with you anywhere whether you ride a car, bus, train, or even on an airplane. You can also lay it down or the other way around whenever you store it somewhere. And that does not end there, it can also bring comfort to you with its exceptional big armrest and backrest. This portable unit can run up to 4 miles per hour with a total range of over 12 miles when fully charged. Not only that but it presents a set of portable features, and it also provides comfort for whoever will use it.


Pride Mobility: Go-Go Folding Product

If you are someone who wants a model that is very light and portable, the Go-Go Folding unit is a very good choice for you to consider. This is an outstanding option for anyone and can permanently stop your search for the best portable model that fits your taste. It does not even matter if you want one that you can bring with you on a vacation as Pride Mobility made the Go-Go Folding unit to let you bring one anywhere you wanted to go. In short, the Go-Go Folding model suits the lifestyle of most people who want a portable model. Its top speed can go up to 4 miles per hour while it can reach a total of 10 miles in a solitary charging, not to mention it has an exceptional turning radius of 32 inches. And to aid you with your safety, there are also articulated ends to optimize the stability of your driving experience.

Drive Medical: Zoome Auto-Flex Unit

The Zoome Auto-Flex by the Drive Medical brand is an electric operated model that can transform from folded to unfolded in just under a minute with the assistance of a wire-free key fob. It is also a comfortable product that ideally adjusts its tillers with a very light alloy framework for ultra-intensive portability. The Zoome Auto-Flex can carry up to 300 pounds of load and can run up to 4 miles while reaching its maximum range of 13 miles for solitary charging. It is also equipped with anti-tip tires for secured safety. This is a perfect choice for anyone who wants a luxuriously designed product.


Drive Medical: Zoome Flex Travel Unit

The Zoome Flex Travel unit is the manual version of the Auto-Flex, and that was quite obvious with its name and with the scooter itself. The comparable difference between these 2 only circulates around the electronic operation of the Auto-Flex. The Zoome Flex Travel model can be transformed or folded easily and can be put quickly into the trunk of your car for storage when traveling. It is also a comfortable mobility vehicle that ideally adjusts its tillers with a very light alloy framework for ultra-intensive portability just like in the Auto-Flex. The weight capacity of the Zoome Flex Travel model was reduced a little bit from 300 pounds down to 275 pounds capacity. Aside from the anti-tip wheel mechanism, it also has a flat free feature.


EV Rider: Transport Easy Move S19M

The Transport Easy Move S19M of the EV Rider brand is a highly recommended and airline approved model that presents the stylistic design. This portable design can be folded and unfolded quickly and easily and that makes it suitable for storing on board an airplane. Aside from the portability that it greatly offers for its users, the Transport Easy Move S19M also has an exceptional maneuvering feature because of its very narrow turning radius. Plus, it has a set of additional features like its fully adjustable tillers, and its handy throttle control. And to give you an idea regarding how it can be easily stored, the Transport Easy Move S19M fits perfectly inside the trunk of any car. For additional safety, there is also a fully functional suspension and electromagnetic braking system. You can have almost everything that you need with the Transport Easy Move S19M. There is no reason why you shouldn't get this product now.


No matter which portable vehicle you choose, there is always a very high chance that you will be satisfied with how it makes everything easier for you. Inventing mobility scooters aims to aid you with your daily activities like shopping in the mall and the supermarket while giving you a satisfying experience. Regardless of your reason for getting your own, everyone deserves to get a device that will enhance their mobility, especially when we are enjoying our vacation. You better not believe others saying that mobility for people with physical issues is impossible because they are wrong, and these vehicles are here to prove that.



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