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Seven Myths About Lightweight Travel Mobility Scooter

Posted by Tom Lee on

  1. Lightweight Travel Mobility Scooter are meant for people with severe disabilities not someone with minor mobility issues.

It is important to understand that there is a wide range of lightweight travel mobility scooters on the market that are designed for many types of consumer needs.  And while some scooters are designed for users with significant disabilities, there is a growing class of scooters targeted at those who have a need for occasional mobility assistance.  People with arthritis, MS (multiple sclerosis), general walking difficulties as well as those in rehab will find that a simple and lightweight mobility scooter will give them back the freedom and independence they thought they had lost forever.  This is the real benefit of lightweight mobility scooters … being able to live your life without having to rely upon others, or, active independence.

2. Mobility Scooters are too heavy for me to use!

Nothing can be further from the truth.  While some mobility scooters are impossibly heavy to lift and require external car lifts to transport, some of the newer scooters on the market are especially designed with customer’s ease of use in mind.  HandyScoot™, one of the newer lightweight travel mobility scooters on the market, has a total assembled weight of 42 lbs. with the heaviest part, or the part you lift, being only 29 lbs. Most individuals, no matter what age or sex, can lift the scooter into the trunk of their car or SUV with ease.   No external lift is needed.

3.Mobility Scooters are hard to assemble and cannot be easily transported in my vehicle.

            Again, some scooters have this issue and reputation.  That is why, for most people, it is important you pick a lightweight travel mobility scooter that folds down,  can be easily lifted out of a car truck or from the back of an SUV and be extremely easy to assemble. HandyScootTM has an innovative design that addresses all these issues.  Not only is the HandyScootTM travel mobility scooter lightweight, the steering column folds down and the seat is removable making it small enough to fit into most car trunks (sport cars included) and all SUVs.  A unique lock secures the steering column to the main frame making it easier to grasp and lift. When you arrive at your destination, assembly literally takes seconds. Watch our video to see how easy it is!

4. Scooters are not comfortable to use.

            Scooter comfort is an important issue with many users.  Some of the newer scooters have started to address this issue.  Critical to rider comfort is a thick seat pad and a backrest that offers excellent support.  In addition to these attributes, adjustability to fit your physical needs is essential. For this reason be sure that any scooter you are considering has at least four areas of adjustment which are:  seat height, backrest depth, handlebar height, and rear axle/wheel width.  

5. Scooters can be difficult to drive and control.

            It is very simple to drive the HandyScootTM.  Choose from three different speed modes:  0-3 mph (great when someone is walking alongside you), 0-6 mph (ideal for traveling long distances quickly) and a top speed of 0-9 mph (when there is a need for speed).  The scooter has a reverse function for backing out of elevators. It has a 26” turning radius which allows you to negotiate tight spaces and has a rear axle adjustable to three positions.  The narrowest is 22”, ideal for cruises and indoor use. The widest is 29” providing maximum stability on terrain that may be uneven. For every day use most people us the middle setting which is 26” wide. Stopping distance is also important.  The disc brakes provide excellent stopping power in seconds. Whatever your needs are the HandyScoot™ lightweight travel mobility scooter has the answer.

6. Can’t take Mobility Scooters on airplanes, trains, cruise ships.

            While it is hard to generalize for  every airline, train, and cruise ship, it is safe to say that almost all major carrier companies will  accept travel mobility scooters. Most airlines allow you to scoot to the gate, down the jet bridge and to the airplane door.  You then remove the battery and store it in your carry-on bag while the scooter itself will be carried down to the general luggage area below.  You can also scoot directly onto commuter and general passenger trains. Most cruise ships will accommodate folding mobility scooters but make sure you check the cabin door opening.  Some ship door openings are about 23-24” which would not work for many scooters. However, the HandyScootTM has an adjustable rear axle with width settings at 22”, 26” or 29”.  

7. Mobility Scooters are hard to maintain.

            The HandyScoot™ Lightweight Travel Mobility Scooter has a stainless steel frame design that supports individuals up to 350 lbs. This not only provides a stable base for most users, it  also provides superior corrosion resistance. The HandyScoot™ comes complete with a front wheel drive hub motor that is totally sealed and electronic handlebar controls.  The HandyScoot™ is virtually maintenance free. For further information, visit .


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