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Reasons Why the Elderly Should Consider a Mobility Vehicle

Posted by Tom Lee on

There comes a point in everyone's lives when we can no longer walk or drive as well as we used to. It's a simple fact of life. Luckily for us all, there are more alternatives today than there ever have been to help people manage their lives in their later years. If you are a senior citizen who isn't always comfortable with walking then you should consider purchasing a mobility device. They offer incredible convenience when used on a daily basis and can truly improve your quality of life.

A Mobility scooter - sometimes referred to as an "elderly scooter", "medical scooter", or "old people scooter" - is a great way to regain mobility in your golden years. If you're still on the fence then check out our top five reasons why you should own one.

Top Reasons To Buy A Mobility Device

1. No Driver's License Required

There are very few hoops one has to jump through when it comes to acquiring a mobility unit. There are no licenses to own or tests one has to pass in order to operate one. They’re just like bicycles in that you can simply purchase one and you're ready to go. What many elderly citizens realize as they get older is that their vision is not what it used to be. Many of them end up having to give up their driver's license because of this. On the surface this can seem like an unfortunate fact of life but it’s for the best. Both the elderly driver and other people on the road are safer because of this. Although operating an automobile brings many benefits to our daily lives, it can definitely be a hassle at times to own one. Car insurance, renewing licenses, and car maintenance just to name a few, can really add stress sometimes.

They come with no such baggage. They offer the freedom to move from point A to point B even after one loses or relinquishes their driving license. These scooters allow people to still get their shopping done or visit their friends and family around the neighborhood without having to worry about what the DMV or their doctor has to say.

2. They are not Wheelchairs

To this day there are still misconceptions about the nature of these models. They may have some similarities with motorized wheelchairs but they really aren't the same thing. Wheelchairs are designed primarily for people who have lost all function in at least one of their legs, regardless of their age. They are made for people, particularly the elderly, whose strength and stamina have decreased with age but still retain the ability to walk. They are by no means a sign that the owner is incapable of walking on their own, just as owning a car or a bike doesn't necessarily mean you can't walk on your own two legs. It is unfortunate that there still is a stigma today about mobility devices but hopefully you can rest assured in knowing that these kinds of stereotypes are unfounded.

These scooters are meant to be replacements for your car, not your body. Motorized wheelchairs are also not designed to travel longer distances unlike mobility vehicles. They don't have the flexibility or the battery life to take someone to the store and are mainly used indoors. Mobility products, as the name implies, are much more mobile and therefore can be taken to a wider variety of places, including the outdoors. If the perceived similarities between wheelchairs and scooters have been holding you back then hopefully you understand the difference now.

3. They are Easy to Learn How to Operate

Getting a new piece of technology can often be intimidating. Many people have trouble figuring out how to use their new cell phone or laptop so learning how to drive a new vehicle must be even harder, right? Please be rest assured in knowing that they are far from difficult to manage. If you could learn how to drive a car then you can definitely learn how to ride one. The fact is that mobility devices are relatively simple. Their controls are much more straightforward than even a go-kart. Just about any product designed for the elderly will come with easy to follow instructions as well as battery meters. Many of them even come included with rearview mirrors to make operation even easier and safer.

Another great thing about mobility units is that you don't have to be as careful using them as you would with a car. It's still necessary to take some safety precautions like having some basic situational awareness but not at the same level as operating an automobile. Because you won't be driving on the road, you'll effectively be considered a pedestrian just like someone on a skateboard or a bike. This means that riding a mobility device comes with less pressure and is perfect for someone in their more mature years.

4. Mobility Scooters are a Great Investment

As already mentioned earlier in this article mobility devices are significantly less expensive than cars. The price range is usually around $1000 to $5000. Many of them already come included with extra accessories like baskets or rearview mirrors. What you must understand before purchasing one is that you can get a lot of use out of them. They’re designed to last for years, even with daily usage. Spending a couple of grand on one will end up giving you years of an easier life as a pay-off. Because they can be used indoors and outdoors, they can be used for trips to the other side of your house or trips all the way to the mall.

They’re much more versatile than they appear and taking full advantage of their capabilities is the key to getting the most out of your buck. An important thing to note is that there are some health insurance plans that will help you with the costs of your scooter. You will have to check in with your doctor and/or your insurance plan provider to see if you are eligible for any deductions. These often involve taking visual tests or other forms of therapeutic or medical examinations. We highly recommend that you look into this before making your purchase as the money you could end up saving could be more than you'd expect.

5. They Are Comfortable and Safe

Perhaps the most important thing to consider about mobility scooters is that they are perfectly safe and fun to ride. When people reach a certain age, the leg muscles and joints reach a point where walking becomes as much of a nuisance as it is a necessity. They bring back the ability to get where you need to go in both a timely and responsible manner. Many models have armrests to keep you in a comfortable position as well as four wheels to reduce the likelihood of tipping the vehicle over. Even people who have poor balance on their own legs feel perfectly at ease resting in a vehicle.

Safety precautions are the number one priority that goes into crafting a mobility scooter. Rest assured that as long as you are mindful of your surroundings that you will be totally secure on one of these helpful tools.



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