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Mobility Scooter Brands & Electric Wheelchair Brands Compared

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Mobility Scooter Brands & Electric Wheelchair Brands Compared [UPDATED FOR 2020]

2020 Guide To Mobility Scooter Brands & Electric Wheelchair Brands

As soon as you start your search for a perfect mobility vehicle, you’ll not only notice the wide array of styles and configurations, but also the large selection of brands each with their own line of products.

You might wonder which mobility scooter brands and electric wheelchair brands can be trusted, which have a good track record in quality, service & maintenance and value for money.

We know all these questions can be overwhelming - that’s why we’ve already done a large amount of the selection process for you, from listing safety features to recommending the most comfortable scooters.

The collection of mobility scooters and power wheelchairs on our website contains only American brands we feel deserve to make it to American consumers who require them.

Firstly, we’ve left out the Far-Eastern brands that might have eye-catching designs or exciting features, but don’t stand up to the test of time the way the US branded products do.

The brands we showcase, with a strong US base and infrastructure, are also able to support you if something goes wrong with your scooter or chair. The same can’t be said for many Far-Eastern, cheaper brands, however alluring their features or prices seem.

Our Selected US Brands at Scooters ‘N Chairs

Our list of reliable, long-term sensible brands to choose from runs as follows (in alphabetical order):

Afikim Scooters
Drive Medical Scooters
eWheels Scooters
EV Rider
Merits USA
Pride Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooter Brands

In-depth review of mobility scooter brands

Each of these brands has a company goal to design mobility vehicles that serve their disabled users for many years, hassle-free, and improve their lives to the greatest extent.

Though the details might vary, each brand provides its warranty that is honored within its time period and has replacement parts based in the US, waiting to be shipped out in case they are needed.

Each brand offers a different collection of mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs that are suitable for people depending upon their specific circumstances & needs.

Comparing our Electric Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Brands

If you’re curious to know how all these high-quality brands compare between themselves, we’ve selected the best feature for each brand so you know what advantage really stands out for each of them.

Your idea of what you need in a scooter or wheelchair should definitely incorporate an idea of what brands you think would match you best.

Afiscooter - Best Feature


Afiscooters are best known for their reliability. While reliability is a challenge to achieve on models made for indoors or paved areas, let’s remember that all Afiscooters are outdoor/off-road scooters, so the achievement is doubly impressive.

Your Afiscooter may be used for a prolonged period on gravel or grass, but its sensibly built, exceptionally well-balanced design and superior electronics installation will keep you breezing along for years to come.

Best Afiscooter:  We recommend the S-Series 4-wheeled Scooter. Though its sister vehicle, the C-4 Afiscooter comes at a lower price, most customers agree it's worth upgrading to the S-4, the queen of Afikim.

Amigo - Best Feature


Amigo scooters are sturdy. Very sturdy. Just a quick look at some images shows you why people looking for a scooter that will last, take punishment and then some, go and buy an Amigo.

The Amigo range isn’t there for people looking for a value solution over a short period, in fact, their scooters don’t even disassemble for fear of compromising their strength.

If you don’t need to travel with your scooter, and would rather your scooter would stand the test of time gracefully, an Amigo is a wise choice.

Best Amigo scooter:  We recommend the Amigo RD model. This beautiful, painted steel, one-piece platform looks as good on the outside as it is on the inside and is sure to make you feel great as it gracefully moves you along.

Drive Medical - Best Feature

Drive power wheelchair

Drive Medical is known for making simple products that are easy to operate and maintain. From the wildly popular Spitfire range at rock bottom prices to the more luxurious Ventura scooters, Drive has truly nailed the “standard” model.

Value does not come at the price of service with Drive Medical. Every Medical scooter or wheelchair comes with Drive’s flagship 14-month Peace of Mind warranty.

This gives you totally free troubleshooting and repair services by industry professionals who have many years of experience; in the first 14 months of your purchase. You’re highly unlikely to need this service, given Drive’s high standards and know-how, but Drive wants you to sit back and relax in the knowledge that it’s all on them and everything will be remedied with no out of pocket expenses for you.

Best Drive Medical power chair: We recommend the Trident Powerchair. This is a beautifully designed, comfortable chair with suspension and reclining seat options among other benefits. Additionally, the price on the Trident represents superb value for money.

Golden Technologies - Best Feature

golden technologies

Golden Technologies has many advantages but we’d like to highlight an overlooked advantage that customers find very helpful.

Golden has excellent customer service in general, and specifically in stock availability, Golden shines. Not only are large, highly specified items almost always in stock, ready for delivery to every location in the US, but also, small items like replacement parts are readily available when you need them.

With an all-round amazing, family-business style customer service, we pick Golden as perfect for those seeking to be treated well, quickly and without excuses.

Best Golden Technologies power chair: We recommend the Alante Sport Powerchair. This nifty creature, with front wheel drive, is Golden’s most stable unit of its class and is at a perfect midway point between Golden’s value and luxury powerchair models.

E-Wheels - Best Feature


E-Wheels scooters are in many ways the highest performing scooters we sell. With top speeds of 18 mph, ranges like 43 miles and 700 Watt engines, these beasts are the closest mobility scooters get to being true recreational scooters.

Many of our customers enjoy these scooters on the road, where local laws allow this, and e-Wheel scooters can be invaluable to people living in rural communities where basic services and stores can be miles away from their homes.

Another standout feature of E-Wheels scooters is their outstanding, sleek and cheerful design. The colors are loud and vibrant and the snazzy shapes of the models make you wonder whether you’re actually driving a mobility vehicle.

Best E-Wheels scooter: We recommend the EW-72 purely judging by what our customers love. With a 700W engine and four wheels, you get the stability you need for riding at speeds the E-Wheel line of scooters is famous for.

EV Rider - Best Feature

EV Rider Transport

EV Rider is actually quite modest about their products. But we would recommend taking a deeper look at their collection if you want some outstanding performance, specifications or features under the guise of a “regular” scooter at a regular price.

You might for instance only realize a scooter you’re looking at has the ability to fold automatically after reading its product description (Transport AF). And without actually reading the specifications, you might miss the fact that the City Cruzer, with its excellent design for city usage, actually boasts of a higher ground clearance than many mobility scooters by other brands designed for rougher terrain.

So if you’re the kind that does their homework well, it pays to take a look at EV Rider’s products and compare to similarly marketed and priced models by other brands.

Best EV Rider scooter: We recommend the newly released CityCruzer scooter, an amazing package of goodies. You get a scooter that has four wheels but turns like it has three, a brand new lights package and full suspension.

Pride Mobility - Best Feature

Pride mobility

Pride Mobility stands out for its unparalleled size, experience and geographical reach all over the United States.

Many people purchase a Pride simply for the peace-of-mind - the knowledge that millions of customers have had their mobility needs covered through Pride and the decades of experience this has given Pride Mobility.

Not only does this expertise and customer feedback help Pride design and build better and better products, the sheer volume of sales also allows it to have a vast network of dealers spread throughout the country.

If your scooter or chair breaks down or needs some maintenance along the way, help in the form of a Pride authorized dealer will never be too far. You’ll be serviced by staff who know the procedure well, having done the same thing for other customers many, many times.

Best Pride Mobility power chair: We recommend the much beloved Jazzy Air 2. With the capacity to rise 12 inches in just 11 seconds, this chair will allow you to perform daily tasks you could only dream of doing with a standard mobility scooter/powerchair.

Merits USA - Best Feature

merits mobility scooter

Merits USA is the brand to select for products that give you more for less. Though Merits do sell electric wheelchairs, power chairs and mobility scooters, our collection focuses on their power chairs because this is where Merits USA’s advantages come to the fore.

Luxury power chairs with comfortable seats that have tilt-back capacities come as a standard on most Merits seats. These come at unexpectedly low prices - high-end items for a reasonable price is a Merits hallmark.

You can also expect to see very high weight capacities, strong incline capabilities and the option to have an elevating seat - something that is rarely seen, and usually only exists on more expensive chairs designed specifically for this function.

Best Merits USA power chair: We recommend the Vision Super Power Chair. It might not look as glamorous as others, but this chair means business, capable of holding 400 lbs of weight, with front and rear suspension and a 20 mile battery range at 5 mph top speed.

So Which Brand Should I Choose?

Ultimately, the choice is yours and you will need to reflect the very specific circumstances you find yourself in, from many different perspectives.

We at Scooters ‘N Chairs hope this guide has served as a brief introduction to the US brands available and helped you select a couple of brands for a closer look at their products. Get in touch with us for more help and advice.


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