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Criteria for choosing an older scooter

Posted by Tom Lee on

The emergence of electric wheelchairs and scooters for the elderly has provided great convenience for the elderly and the disabled. The elderly ride on electric wheelchairs and the scooters can go where they want to go. They are no longer empty nesters and break the inconvenience for them. of confinement. We all know that what suits you is the best. So the question is, when choosing an electric wheelchair, what should the elderly scooter pay attention to?

1. Objects of use, all the items we buy in life are for convenience and function. The users of electric wheelchairs are generally the elderly, who have the hidden danger of inconvenience in their own movements. Therefore, in use, the car must not only be able to move backwards and forwards, but also be careful and careful in terms of safety.

2. The speed of the car, whether it is an electric wheelchair or an elderly scooter, should not be too fast or too slow. Too fast is the most likely to cause accidents. It doesn't matter if the car is broken, but the body is the most important. If the speed is too slow, it may cause blockage, so the speed should be stable, so that the elderly can adapt quickly and operate freely.

3. The brakes must be flexible. The reaction awareness of the elderly is naturally inferior to that of the young, so after pressing the brakes, they must be quick and flexible. The elderly will not turn forward, and the elderly must be comfortable and used to it.

4. The ability to overcome obstacles. Electric wheelchairs are suitable for walking in a small area. Older age scooters have a larger range and stronger ability to overcome obstacles. Both of them can move forward freely under a certain slope. If you need to go far, you can consider the elderly. Scooter.

5. The battery quality is also very important. Poor battery quality will result in poor battery life and shortened service life. The editor suggests that you can consider a lithium battery scooter or wheelchair when purchasing, and a configured battery pack. This way, you don't have to worry about the hassle of changing batteries.


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