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A mobility scooter is an affordable and convenient solution for those who have difficulty walking or a medical condition that restricts movement. Its ease of operation and versatility have helped many establish an independent lifestyle and regain confidence.

Today, there are various options of scooter types that are available for indoor and outdoor activities. While there are numerous benefits associated with them, each vehicle has different features, capabilities, and limitations that are critical for buyers to factor in during the selection process.

At The Scooter Shop, we understand that clients have different needs. To help you find the right scooter for your unique preference and reduce your search time, we have formulated a Beginner’s Guide to purchasing a mobility scooter or power wheelchair.

Getting Started

Assess your needs by asking questions: Before buying a mobility product, it is essential for you to think of the ‘why.’ Why do you need a mobility scooter? Do you have difficulty walking or suffer from a medical condition?

Once you have recognized your requirements, ask questions to representatives in a mobility store and make sure they are answered to your satisfaction. This way you will get a clear idea of whether the device will fit you properly and can assist in your circumstances. It also helps to know if the scooter can be lifted and taken apart for transport. If not, ensure the vehicle has a trailer hitch so that you can attach a scooter lift for transport.

The Next Step

Seek professional help: There is no substitute for industry knowledge and experience. When you convey your mobility goals, mobility limitations and intended usage to the representatives, they will be able to narrow down the options and choose the most suitable product or equipment for your needs.

Advice From The Pros

Consider several factors when buying: It is crucial to find the right mobility scooter or power wheelchair that can fit your lifestyle, budget and more importantly, your specific mobility needs. When searching for a company providing mobility products and medical equipment, make sure they address the following questions:

  • Does the chair offer enough cushion?
  • Can the chair rotate easily from side to side or is it stationary?
  • Can the chair be adjusted to move up and down?
  • Is there enough room for your legs to rest comfortably?
  • How long does it take for the battery to charge fully?
  • How far can you travel before the battery needs to be recharged?
  • How fast can the scooter go?
  • What is the maximum weight a scooter can hold?
  • Is the scooter size airline-friendly?
  • Is it easy to transport the scooter (can it easily be taken apart or folded)?
  • What is the maximum weight of a single part that the owner would need to lift during transport?
  • Who will service the scooter if there is a problem?

Try out the product: As part of your search, visit many showrooms and test drive the various models available.

Look for mobility companies that offer repair services: If an online product does not work for you, it becomes a hassle to return. Whereas, when you buy a product from a store, all your repairs or adjustments, whether it is a warranty issue or not will be serviced.

Be patient. Purchasing a mobility device may take a little time and multiple equipment trials to find the best item for you. So, it is recommended to be patient during this process.

At The Scooter Shop, our goal is to exceed your expectations while helping you find suitable equipment for your needs. We offer the best wheeled mobility and durable medical equipment products in Ellicott City, MD.

Our RESNA Certified ATP sales staff have over twenty-five years of experience, providing manual wheelchairs, scooters, power wheelchairs, lift chairs, walkers, seating products, etc. We also offer full-service maintenance and repairs on all our equipment. Moreover, our trained specialists can answer all your questions, solve your mobility limitation issues and make your buying experience enjoyable.



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