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Why is Replacing Manual Wheelchair to Folding Power Wheelchair Necessary?

Posted by Tom Lee on

A traditional wheelchair and folding power wheelchair are run by the same source of energy. Two standard  batteries are required to power them up. Seemingly, both the travel power wheelchair and foldable power chair ensure easy and comfortable transportation but power wheelchairs demand more efforts while disintegrating the parts. On the other hand, a foldable power wheelchair folds like a manual chair and ensures easy transportability and storage. They easily fit into a car or SUV after folding. This type of chair can take up to 45lbs weight.

Why should you replace your manual wheelchair to folding power wheelchair?

Most of the foldable wheelchairs have rear wheel drive, and their speed reaches up to 5mph. You can use it for both the indoor and outdoor rides. They are just like your heavy-duty power wheelchairs, which can run on rugged surfaces. They need less space for storage, and thus, you can easily keep them in a corner of your house. Folding power wheelchairs come with a sling seating system so that it can accommodate the wheelchair cushions from ROHO to Jay. The swing away leg rest feature allows you to transfer in and out of the chair easily.

A folding wheelchair is a blessing for them who want both the feel of a real electric wheelchair and a conventional wheelchair.
There are some reasons behind choosing a folding electric wheelchair instead of a traditional travel wheelchair. They include-

  • Easy transportation system
  • Requires less space for storage
  • Have longer battery life
  • Capable of increasing the speed
  • Works perfectly both for indoor and outdoor use
  • Contains flip up armrest.
  • Swing away or elevating leg rest

The folding power wheelchairs are lightweight, and they are produced based on the design of a manual wheelchair. The travel wheelchairs are also lightweight. You can disassemble its parts to carry it in a car or airplane. On the other hand, you can fold a folding wheelchair after disconnecting from the motor. So, the whole thing becomes compact.

As a folding wheelchair can be folded into a compact form, it takes less space for storage comparing to a standard power wheelchair. Thus, you can easily carry them in your car or SUV. A traditional power base wheelchair or scooters need much space for storage, and they need a large vehicle for transportation.

However, you can carry many things in your car’s storage space along with a folding power wheelchair.

A folding wheelchair ensures as much comfort as an ordinary wheelchair. There is almost no difference among the accessories of a power wheelchair and a manual wheelchair. However, make sure that the summation of your weight and the weight of other accessories does not exceed the capacity of a travel wheelchair.
If you own a folding power wheelchair, you will not need to go for a motorized mobility for easy transportation. The wheelchair is so easy to carry that you can take it anywhere you travel!




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