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10 Tips for Becoming Comfortable With Your Wheelchair

Posted by Tom Lee on

The humans are not used to sitting in wheelchairs for an extended period. In fact, if they were to sit for a long time, they will feel pain in the back. Besides, it can cause multiple health problems as well. Fortunately, the wheelchair industry has overseen a significant revolution in the 20th century. To be precise, the introductions of different materials like – rubber, plastics, and poly-stretch have given comfort to the wheelchair users.
If you are to sit in a wheelchair for full-time, the level of support should be at a maximum. Consequently, this post will enlighten you with useful tips that are necessary for ensuring wheelchair comfort. So, let’s have a quick look at these tips.
The Best Tips for Becoming Comfortable with Your Wheelchair
Here are the ten useful tips that will make your wheelchair experience great!
1) Use a ROHO cushion
When you are trying to improve the comfort level of a wheelchair, you should consider a cushion. Typically, a cushion is the first piece of wheelchair accessory that most people think. You will find several types of pillows, but the ROHO cushion is the best type of cushion. It is made of several inflated nodules, which will offer a pillow effect while seated. It also comes with a high or low profile models and most of the ROHO cushion are capable of removing skin breakdown. As a result, most insurance companies provide coverage this accessory as well.
2) Lumbar Support
The lumbar support is a useful way to give comfort to the wheelchair users. Typically, the lumbar is a small curved area in the lower back. You can give support with a rolled up towel up to lumber support attachment. Keep in mind there can be different kinds of towels with different prices. If you make this small adjustment to your wheelchair, you can avoid uncomfortable situations easily.
3) Cushioned Arm Rests
With the cushioned armrest, you can quickly increase the level of comfort in your wheelchair. In fact, this little tweak to your wheelchair can make a big difference.
4) Footrest Adjustment
When you are sitting in a wheelchair, the position of your footrest can affect the level of comfort significantly. Usually, the perfect position is to keep the knees a tad higher than the hips. If you keep the knees too low, it will be a weak position. On the other hand, if you keep them too high, it can cause the buttock to be pushed back into the seat. As a result, you might feel cramped down and uncomfortable with your wheelchair.

5) Cross Your Legs
Crossing the legs is another way to give comfort to wheelchair users. If you cross the legs while sitting in a wheelchair, you can be able to relieve back pain. So, you should make sure to switch the legs in every few hours to avoid pressuring your back.
6) Jay Backrest
Jay backrest is a form of backrest that is available on the market. The jay backrest is made of the soft foam cushion. It can curve to the lumber part of the lower back of wheelchair users. When you break it in, it will bring in a customized feel.
7) Lateral Side Supports
In case, if you are facing balance problem or bad torso control, the lateral side support can prove to be a useful option. The lateral side supports are small protrusions, which can be found on the side of the backrest. They can quickly stabilize the torso, which will reduce the need to readjust the wheelchair laterally.
8) Avoid Using Thick Clothes
When you are in a wheelchair, you should avoid wearing thick clothes such as coats or tops. The thick clothes can be detrimental to the adjustments of the wheelchair and thus, they can bring uncomfortable situations to you. Also, you should be wearing clothes that are made of thin fabrics to make sure you are comfortable in a wheelchair.
9) Recline the Backrest a Few Degrees
Reclining the backrest, a few degrees seem small adjustment to the wheelchair. However, this small yet effective change can be very useful. Therefore, after a while, just lean forward and readjust your seating position. In truth, the slight reclining of the backrest can bring a huge difference to your wheelchair’s level of comfort.
10) Custom Seating
Last but not the least; you can try to use custom seating option for your wheelchair. To have a custom seating option, you have to contact with a doctor or physical therapist. They can help you in identifying the perfect pressure mappings for your seat and backrest of the wheelchair.

Some Bonus Tips
1. Make sure that your wheelchair has proper support
Along with the above tips, you will find several items that can bring comfort to your wheelchair. For example – the foot supports are useful for good posture and the seat pads are comfortable for extended periods of sitting. This is why you will need to analyze every option and select which item will give proper support to your wheelchair.
2. Use the right accessories
Other than support issue, if you can use the right accessories, you will surely get a better wheelchair experience. These accessories include cup holders, lap pad, etc. In truth, the right accessories can make your sitting at wheelchair much more enjoyable and thus, they will bring a sense of independence to the users.
Wrap Up
Above everything, the most important consideration is buying the right wheelchair. There are countless wheelchairs available on the market. So, you can expect to have a massive selection dilemma ahead of you. For this particular reason, you should begin analyzing your body’s measurement. It will help you to figure out what kind of wheelchair you need for a better ride. To put it simply, if you can buy the perfect sized wheelchair and bring together a collection of the right accessories, you will enjoy sitting in your wheelchair.




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