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Modular Ramp vs. Permanent Concrete Ramp: Which Wheelchair Ramp Should You Buy?

Posted by Tom Lee on

When you are buying a wheelchair ramps, you will have several options at your hand. The reason is there are many types of wheelchair ramps available on the market! Not to mention that the availability of different ramps make your choice harder. However, don’t be overwhelmed as we are going to make things easier for you. In this post, we will compare and contrast two of the most important types of wheelchair ramps. So, let’s start reading the post and find out which two wheelchair ramp is better for you.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Wheelchair Ramp

Why Do You Need a Wheelchair Ramp?

Before you buy a wheelchair ramp, you should consider why you need a wheelchair ramp! Do you need it because you home has stairs? Alternatively, does the house include high edges or any other barriers for entrance? Usually, the most common areas where you will need a ramp are –

  1. Steps taking to the entrance of the front door or back door
  2. The area between garage and the house
  3. Doors having elevated thresholds
  4. The entry route in the middle of the floor and the shower in the bathroom
  5. Vehicle edges such as vans or SUVs

How Wide Does the Ramp Need to Be?

If you want to determine the width of the ramp, you have to consider the following issues –

  1. Before you to determine the width of the ramp, you must figure out how wide the wheelchair’s base is. Remember that the wheelchair needs to cross the ramp’s surface safely.
  2. In case you are using a ramp to enter or get out of the vehicle, you should examine the width of the door opening of the vehicle. Keep in mind you will need at least 30 inches of width or more for a perfect door opening.

What is a Modular Ramp?

A modular wheelchair ramp is a combination of multiple components that allows the wheelchair ramp to fit in at almost any application. It is sold in kits but if you want, you can get customized modular ramps. In fact, you can modify the ramps based on your needs such as adding or removing, swapping the components to configure the perfect length to fit the application.

Typically, the modular ramps include different ramp sections ranging from 2′ to 10′ in 2-foot increments. For instance – you can obtain an 18’ ramp with an order for 2′ and two 8′ ramp sections. In this way, you can connect the sections together and adjust the supplied legs to the required heights.

Modular Ramp Characteristics

Following are the characteristics of a modular ramp –

  • Semi-Permanent and Moderate cost
  • Moderately strong and Maintenance free
  • Very durable (aluminum won’t rust like steel or rot like wood)
  • Aluminum Ramp and platforms permanently textured
  • Anyone can assemble with some mechanical ability

Permanent Concrete Ramp

Every building code needs wheelchair access to each public building, but some older buildings may require a different type of ramp to meet the accessibility codes (these are putting in place by government). Consequently, all permanent concrete ramps can be customized to fit in any application. They are used to make access to buildings, which are not suitable for a wheelchair access. Depending on the local building codes, the contractors might need building permission.

Concrete Ramp Characteristics

Following are the characteristics of a permanent concrete ramp –

  • Permanent
  • Very strong
  • Maintenance free
  • Extremely durable
  • Expensive
  • Contractor or construction knowledge required
  • Permanent anti-slip surfaces can be textured into the cement

Our Recommendation: Modular Ramps for Wheelchair Access

  1. Different companies that put rent for sale will need a wheelchair ramp. As a result, the modular ramps will be best for this situation as these ramps can be relocated to a new location or after using the ramps, the companies can sell them.
  2. All residential customers can quickly relocate the ramp to a new home. In case of moving, they can sell them as well.
  3. You can easily modify the modular ramps, even if it is in a new location.
  4. You do not need any permanent changes in a property to install a modular ramp. When you remove the ramp, no one can identify that there was a ramp in your house or office.
  5. All types of modular ramps tailor-made to meet the handicap access codes. Every part and hardware will be supplied with detailed assembly instructions.


To conclude, the permanent concrete ramp is suitable for building owners who need permanent wheelchair access solution. On the other hand, the modular ramps will be useful for places where there is no access for permanent wheelchair. In truth, the modular ramps are perfect for relocation of business or residence. Aside from this, these ramps do not require any maintenance and you can modify it quickly. All of these reasons have led us to endorse the modular ramps as the best solution. So, choose your wheelchair ramp and have a great experience!




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