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How Lightweight Foldable Power Wheelchairs Seating System Impacts Your Body

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Lightweight foldable power wheelchairs are very effective for reducing for any kind of external human assistance for regaining or retaining mobility.  Electricity powers this technical advancement to help you relish the experience of moving around. These electric power wheelchairs provide multiple useful functions mentioned below:

  • Full Wi-Fi control
  • Bluetooth supported gadgets
  • Functions for operating smart gadgets in your house


This technically solid advancement in the domain of mobility is evolving rapidly across the globe. Their popularity is increasing worldwide. Manufacturing of every power wheelchair is a step towards providing better mobility experience to all of the users through improved performance and technical efficiency. This is only possible through proper care at the hands of a professional having ample experience in the domain of maintaining proper seating for lightweight foldable power wheelchairs.

A perfect wheelchair seating is not all about comfort because it adds pleasure to your comfortable mobility. The best wheelchair seating is determined according to the requirements of a wheelchair user. Four factors mentioned below come into play while choosing an appropriate wheelchair seating:

  • Support
  • Pressure
  • Relief
  • Weight
  • Maintenance

In-depth discussion on the importance of all of the points mentioned above will help users understand the value of their contribution in the functionality of lightweight foldable power wheelchairs.

  1. Support:

Support in a cushion is very important for a stable base for ensuring proper posture of your body. Lack of proper support leads your body towards poor posture and serious pressure sores. Ample support for your body provided by the seating of your power wheelchair ensures that no organ of your body has bear excessive pressure. Impeccable support provided for your body through perfect wheelchair seating is does not let the pressure increase to cut off blood flow. This prevents the deterioration of tissues that leads towards the formation of ulcer. These can force any person to get hospitalized because these Decubitus ulcers are not so easy to heal. Taking this into account, proper seating for the users of the best portable mobility scooters is the most important defense.

  1. Relief:

Relief is another best way to add to your mobility pleasure and it plays a significant role in the process of preventing ulcers. In simple words, a wheelchair seating designed and installed for the purpose of providing full relief to all parts of your body helps prevent ulcers and increases your mobility comfort. This periodic relief of posture should be practiced regularly by shifting the body. In this way, relief provided by the seating of your wheelchairs play an important role for ensuring comfortable mobility experience. Users experiencing such problems should also think about some other possible mediums of relief mentioned below:

  • Transfer out of the chair
  • Tilt of power
  • Recline seat


  1. Pressure:

Pressure is an important feature of the best portable mobility scooter’s seating. It provides enough relief to all of the wheelchair users. It is possible to design the foam for ensuring moderate pressure relief for every user.  Perfect cushions and the use of multiple densities of foam comes into play for providing full relief and stability to all of the power wheelchair users. Apart from this, following are the three extra advantages of utilizing foam to perfection:

  • Light weight
  • Affordable cost
  • Cinch maintenance

Air cushions are useful for relishing high quality pressure relief. All of the users prone to ulcers are specifically advised to make use of air cushions. On the other hand, foam seat cushions have improved a lot for ensuring adequate seating for all of the users having less needs. As for foam, it can be molded for providing safe and accurate posture base.  However, it is very important for every user to be slightly careful because the best portable mobility scooter seating made using air cushions has some disadvantages mentioned below:

  • Poor quality support
  • Problems related to maintenance
  • Cushions can be soft and wet, specifically the thick ones
  • They can easily get punctured or bottomed out

Taking all these disadvantages into account, it is very important for all of the users to maintain the required level of inflation. This helps ensure that the seating made using air cushions for portable scooter for the disabled does not get bottomed out.

This is not the end of the world for the users of electric wheelchairs. Gel cushions are a kind of better options for all of the users looking for high quality pressure relief. Gel cushions also have their own disadvantages. Therefore, users cannot afford to be complacent while choosing gel cushions to get that extra pressure relief. Following are the two disadvantages of gel cushions:

  • They are heavy in terms of weight.
  • They can easily leak.

All of the user of power wheelchairs must mix the gel at regular intervals to avoid any kind of hard spots from getting formed. More importantly, it is wise for the power wheelchair users to make sure that the gel cushions are fitted carefully and perfectly for ensuring thickness of gel in all of the areas of cushions.

  1. Weight:

Weight also plays an important role in the process of helping electric wheelchair users select the best quality of cushions for comfortable wheelchair seating. A technically solid cushion is very important for bearing our entire body weight. All of the users should always remember that their electric wheelchair must be able to bear their body weight. There are various kinds’ power wheelchairs available in the market with different ability to bear the different kinds of body weight. If the seating wheelchair is not able to bear our body weight then the shape of cushion can get spoiled and it can very harmful for your body. This will result in the change of shape of soft tissues of your body. Most probably, occlusion of blood vessels lymphatic and stimulate nerve endings can get damaged. Therefore, everyone must pay attention serious towards the weight while buying a portable mobility scooter for disabled.

  1. Maintenance:

All sorts of material utilized in the manufacturing of power wheelchair cushions vary to a great deal in terms of durability and longevity. Some of the cushions require perfect maintenance at the hands of a practiced professional. All sorts of cushions are subject to deterioration with time because of brittleness of the polymer matrix responsible for leading the cushions towards fractures in the foams including softening of cushions. All kinds of portable mobility scooters for disabled with a perfect seating needs a cushions that require maintenance to help your relish proper functioning and seating experience. This maintenance must be performed by some practiced professional and only when a user is physically ready and willing to do so.

It is important for a power wheelchair user having cushion to opt for a perfect seating system because the usage of a good cushion is an open invitation to physical problems. Always look for a flat seat cushion. If it is not available then try to use cushion insert for avoiding sag.

A perfect back is an essential of a good seating system designed for electric wheelchair users. A rigid back having contoured cushion can considered as a great option. This is very useful for maintaining upright posture for every user. At certain times, this may be difficult but the use of lumbar or sacral areas should be considered seriously.

Taking all of the summery into account, it is clear that how a power wheelchair’s perfect seating system makes your life comfortable.


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