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13 Important Things Consider Before Purchasing a Wheelchair Lift

Posted by Tom Lee on

A Wheelchair Lift can be very efficient when living in a multistoried residence. This will come in handy when moving from floor to floor, especially for those who confide in wheelchairs. The Wheelchair Lift is bound to make things a lot easier for them as they move freely from level to level sharing the happy moments and fulfilling their needs.  However, before you jump into the decision in buying one for yourself, you should consider a few things.

Who Should Use A Wheelchair Lift?

The Wheelchair Lift is not for everyone.  These are specialized for elderly and physically challenged persons who face lots of difficulties when getting into a vehicle. They will need just a single individual who can drive the car and help with managing the lift and use it. The Wheelchair Lift also has other merits to it as well. Thanks to these handy devices the persons in need can engage in community activities and get an empowering state of mind along with freedom of movement.

The Recommended Features That A Wheelchair Lift Must Have

The superior qualities you should look for in a Wheelchair Lift are –

  • Ease of access containing just 2/3 buttons
  • The persons in the vehicle should be able to pass through the Wheelchair Lift without having to uninstall it
  • Should have a diversified application such as having the option to fit both manual and electrical wheelchairs
  • Should contain a hand drill, which will provide additional support and comfort
  • Must have a nonskid platform, which will ensure prevention of slipping
  • Should have the structure that will not block the vision of the driver

Things to Consider Before Purchasing A Wheelchair Lift

Currently, there are various Wheelchair Lift units available in the market. Many of these contain state of the art technology and utmost safety for the persons in need. There are three kinds of lifts available for the injured/physically challenged which are – portable wheelchair lifts, vertical platform lifts, and inclined platform lifts. Can decide which one you need by taking a look at the points listed below.

If you want to go for the handicap lifts you need to watch out for the space needed. Not all residence will have the capability to accommodate them. You also need to think about the accessibility of the unit as well.

The Wheelchair Lift available nowadays often comes with latest technology and designs. The screw driven Wheelchair Lift unit can be very stable regarding the operation, thanks to its hydraulic drive mechanism. The units are produced in the state of the art precision and offer consistency throughout the lifetime of the unit.

As we said before most Wheelchair Lifts nowadays contains the complete safety measures for their users. The non-skid platform, emergency control, alarm system, emergency brake, slack cable switch are just a few of the key features.

However, before you make the ultimate decision before buying a unit, you need to take a closer look at the unit and think about the usefulness of the features that it offers.  Not all the units will be best suited for you. You need to inspect the features available twice.

Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Wheelchair Lift for Van

Below is a list of important criteria that you need to reconsider when taking the big step –

  1. Who will use and drive the unit?
  2. Which unit is best suited for the elderly and will the unit fit?
  3. Are you ready to purchase a new vehicle and convert it?
  4. Are you going to purchase a converted vehicle?
  5. What kind of steps you need to take to secure the wheelchair?  Strapping procedure or locking mechanism?
  6. Where do you want tour Wheelchair Lift to be positioned in your vehicle?
  7. Do you want a big sized van that will have enough room for the entire family or do you need a small one?
  8. Max weight of your vehicle/person using it. The power wheelchairs are known to be quite heavy.
  9. Is a single post good enough or do you need a dual post? The single post units will provide a compact size while the double post units will take more space and are comparatively heavier.
  10. Do you want the hydraulic or the electric unit? The hydraulic units are powerful and will provide smoother operation but are also very costly.
  11. According to your parking space do you want the side or rear lift?
  12. How do you want to modify your van? Choose what type of modification you want wisely. Example – Extended door, Raised roof, lower floor all are good options depending on need.
  13. Where will the elderly located inside the van? Modifications can be made depending on the preferable position of the persons using it.


To conclude, before buying a wheelchair lift, you must consider all available options on the market. You have to compare and contrast multiple lifts to decide the best unit for your use. Aside from this, you should also think which type of wheelchair is right for you because it can help you identify the perfect lift. Other than these issues, you can use the above considerations to find out a traditional wheelchair lift and a wheelchair lift for a van. So, think and analyze every option correctly before making a buying decision because it’s what that will make you comfortable and happy!



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  • I really appreciate your advice on what to consider before you purchase a wheelchair lift. I completely agree with you that it is smart to check and inspect the potential lift and its features twice before you purchase it. I think it would also be a great idea to look into the reputation of the provider to make sure their equipment is of high quality. https://www.kevrek.com.au/unwin-products

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