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Tips for Pleasant Air Travel Experience with Foldable Power Wheelchairs

Posted by Tom Lee on

No one likes to get restricted to a folding power wheelchair. Everyone aspires to lead an active life. Moving around your house or the office is not the only one expects from a wheelchair. People love to travel across the world and enjoy everything in their life. This is not an easy thing for any wheelchair user because power wheelchair users require specific kind of preparation for successful airline travel. In spite of the physical challenges, electric wheelchair users can easily accomplish the task of traveling in the air with some preparation.

Most of the folding power wheelchair users experience problem while traveling in the air because they are not familiar with those much needed tips to do so. Therefore, this article will be your school to learn all of those important air-travel tips. All of the following points will act as a perfect guide to help you learn the way foldable electric wheelchairs make your airline travel as easy as ABC.

  • Planning Preparations
  • Reservation of Ticket
  • Damage Prevention
  • Assistance at Layovers
  • Availability of Transportation at the Destination

Let’s know the way these power wheelchairs make your air travel very easy. Let’s see how they can help in this process.

  1. Planning Preparations:

This is the most important part of the entire task. You are always advised to spare some time from your schedule and follow the steps mentioned below with proper care;

  • You must shop around or browse online for finding the most affordable ticket prices.
  • Always focus on finding an airline that offers the most accommodating policies for travelers using lightweight folding power wheelchairs.
  • All of the airlines operating in your area must have sound weight policy for lightweight folding power wheelchair. The company must be able to describe it to the customer.
  • Washrooms available on most of the passenger jets are not very easy for most of the handicapped people to use. Therefore, it is very important for them to get full information regarding the easy accessibility of restrooms.
  • Most importantly, you must be concerned about learning the method of disconnecting the power from the batteries before boarding the plane.

It is very easy to disconnect the batteries from the power. You just need to locate the cable and mark each half of the cable with a yellow tape. Practice the whole procedure twice or thrice at home and it will help you.

  1. Ticket reservations:

This is the second most important tip for making your air travel easy. You simply need to follow some very easy steps mentioned below to make your air-travel easy with ticket reservation process:

  • Always inform your airline agent in advance about your requirement to use a folding wheelchair in advance. This will help the entire airline staff to be prepared in advance to help you with great care. As a result, they will be able to assist you. Moreover, the airline will be in a position to provide a folding power wheelchair to help you get on the plane by crossing the narrow aisle.
  • Secondly, the weight of your electric wheelchair is counted in the weight limits of the plane to make sure that the plane does not surpass its specified weight limit. If needed, a person arriving at the airport without informing the airline staff to arrange a foldable electric wheelchair in advance can be refused by the flight attendants to make sure that the plane does not exceed the specified weight limit.
  • If possible, prefer purchasing a first class ticket. The extra space in business class is always very useful for the passengers getting their Folding Portable Electric Wheelchair arranged well in advance.

Electric Wheelchair

  1. Damage Prevention:

It is always good to be serious about taking care of your electric wheelchair to make your air travel a memorable experience. Following are the steps suggested to help you prevent damage to your electric wheelchair:

  • At certain point of time, you may need to take care of certain parts and remove them very carefully for easy transportation. Therefore, don’t forget to follow dissemble/assemble instruction manual and attach it carefully.
  • Always attach a politely handwritten note to the baggage handlers to request them to handle your wheelchair carefully.
  • Never forget to take a picture of your folding portable electric wheelchair before boarding your plane. In this way, you will have a proof of your wheelchair’s pre-flight condition.
  1. Assistance at Layovers:

Assistance provided by the airline staff at layovers is always valuable. It is even more important because it is not easy for any wheelchair user to cross large layovers at some of the biggest airports in the world for catching connecting flight. In addition to it, it helps many physically challenged people make their air travel easy. Following the steps mentioned below can be very helpful:

  • Always talk to the airline staff ahead of the time.
  • Request your agent to arrange some employees having proven experience in the domain of providing full assistance to the users of folding portable electric wheelchair at any layover in the world at your own itinerary.
  1. Availability of Transportation at the Destination:

The job well begun is always a job half done! Never get complacent after doing such a good job to make your air travel easy with your folding power wheelchair. For any wheelchair user, arrival at the destination is always full of challenges. Most of the passengers like to get their stress released immediately after arriving at the destination. Some of the passengers would like the airline staff to keep some experienced professionals ready ahead of the time to assist them.

You get completely pleasant air-travel experience with your wheelchair when you perform the following steps to perfection:

Again, value the importance of informing your airlines in advance. In this way, the airlines will keep its professionals ready ahead of the time to assist you.

If available, always save your time and money by opting for the company’s taxis to pick you from the airport especially if you are a lightweight folding power wheelchair user.

There are many companies active in the market that ensure cab service or some other kind of transportation service to help mobility scooter users or disabled travelers get to their destination easily.

In this way, learning about these tips to make your folding portable wheelchair experience during the air travel can be very useful. Try these tips and you will love the experience.


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