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Tips For Buying Elderly Electric Wheelchairs

Posted by Tom Lee on

If you're in need of an electric wheelchair, the first step is to find a company that can offer you a finance option. These loans are designed to spread the costs over time and can be a good option for people with limited funds. If you're having trouble paying the full price, there are some programs that will give you a free or low-cost electric wheelchair. You can also check with your local disability organization to see if you qualify.
You should check the warranty. Most wheelchairs come with a one-year warranty. You'll want to check the battery life and make sure it is functioning properly. If the battery is too old, you might not be able to get the best value for your money. You should also pay attention to the condition of the power chair's cushion. If the cushion is not firm and is causing fatigue, it is likely to have a short lifespan.

The controller is usually an armrest mounted joystick, but you may find other controls in some wheelchairs. Some may swing away to allow side transfers. Some are also equipped with sip-and-puff controllers that work by blowing into a sensor. Regardless of the controller you choose, you should have a great experience with your electric wheelchair. You won't regret it. If you have any questions, you can always message the manufacturer directly.

Once you have a clear picture of the type of wheelchair you need, you can start looking for the controller. Some controllers are mounted on the armrest, while others are mounted on the floor. The armrest controls are often simple joysticks, but some are mounted on an aide's body. You can also check the batteries visually. If they have green acid around their terminals, you can safely remove them from your electric wheelchair.

Many electric wheelchairs come with a controller. The most common controller is an armrest joystick. Some controllers have additional controls that are useful for a side transfer. If you're looking for a folding wheelchair, you can opt for a sip-and-puff control. These devices work by blowing air into a sensor. There are several other features that make these devices useful. There are even models that can fold down for storage.

The turning radius is a key feature to consider when deciding on an electric wheelchair. It refers to the u-turns an electric wheelchair can make. A smaller turning radius means that it's easier to maneuver in small spaces or turn corners. A wheelchair with a smaller turning diameter will be more maneuverable and easier to store, whereas a larger one will be easier to turn in large spaces. A small turning radius will help you move around with ease, while a larger one will be harder to manoeuvre.


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