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Things to Consider while Buying a Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

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This article will prove to be an impeccable guide to help you chose the best lightweight electric wheelchair for yourself. Technology is changing rapidly and innovation is being installed in every modern day wheelchair. Many new features are being created for wheelchairs. Every wheelchair offers plenty of different features. You can conduct some research in this regard and choose the one that best fits your needs. The invention of electrical wheelchairs must be considered a revolutionary technical advancement for every person facing any kind of physical disability. Such computerized wheelchairs are perfect medium for every user to experience the thrill of personal independence to go anywhere and do anything without having to bother about seeking the services of some caregiver.

The main objective of this article is to educate you about the top features to be considered in the process of buying a right lightweight electric wheelchair.

Following is the list of features to be taken into consideration while buying an electric wheelchair:

  • Armrests
  • Footrests
  • Driving features
  • Aluminum frames
  • Brushless Electric Motor
  • Standup Option
  • Turning Radius Capability
  • Hassle Free Wheels

Let’s discuss their advantages to help you make decision easily.

  1. Armrests

The job of the armrest is to support you and make your arms feel comfortable. Most importantly, you get ample help in the process of pulling yourself up or while adjusting or transferring your seating position. You can easily chose from a wide range of armrests specifically designed to comfort your arms in the best possible manner.

  • Desk Length

Desk Length armrests are perfect to help you fit under a table or desk with ease. They allow you to adjust the height and relish full support. This is done very easily from the backside of the chair. The height can easily be adjusted up to three fourth of the seat of your lightweight portable electric wheelchair.

  • Full length Armrests

Such a pair of armrests proves to be a perfect medium to comfort your arms from the back to the frontal part of the seat.

  • Swing Away Armrests

Swing away armrests are very useful for ensuring cinch transfers because armrests generally swing back and behind the wheelchair and also to the side.

  • Tubular

This pair of armrests ensures full comfort for your arms and provides full convenience downward flip or curve.

  • Space Saver Arm

Its inward curve acts as a great medium to bring it very close to your body.

All in all, these types of armrests help you adjust or transfer your seating position from one place to another with considerable ease.

  1. Footrests and legrests

Educating yourself to perfection about the footrest aspect your wheelchair is a wise thing. Your legs remain safe, comfortable and get full support from your wheelchairs. Footrests, Legrests and Footplates are three integral aspects of this aspect. Following are the three types of Footrests to comfort your legs.

  • Footrests

Footrests are mainly for the purpose of supporting your feet to exceed your comfort level. Swingaway and removable footrests are very useful to help you transfer your entire body from one place to another. Footrests are comfortable, safe and easy medium to receive full support from your lightweight electric wheelchair.

  • Legrests

Legrests are very common feature of any tilting or relining wheelchair. Articulation of legrests offers solutions for footplate length problem.  Legrests are very useful in the process of increasing footplate distance when they are elevated, shortened and lowered to a great deal.

  • Footplates

Footplates are manufactured using plastic composite material or aluminum for ensuring ample support from heel to the ball of the foot. They are long adjustable footplates designed to meet needs through multiple adjustment options to support your physical adjustment and the entire feet.

  1. Driving controls

Lightweight portable electric wheelchairs are a kind of amazing electric convenience to help your body achieve the desired level of independence. You can drive them and go anywhere you want to go. Considering technically sound driving features is always a wise thing to do for buying the best electric wheelchair. This will help your body enjoy an active lifestyle in the best possible manner. Let’s discuss some of the useful driving controls and the way they add to your independence level.

  • Conventional and compact Joystick

On and off switch, speed control, battery gauge and a gimbal knob are some of the most useful features of conventional joystick to help you drive and control your lightweight power wheelchair to perfection. You just have to push the gimbal in the direction of your choice. Use the same technique and gimbal for longer period of time and you will be able to control the speed of your electrical wheelchair. As for Compact joystick, it is installed on a swingaway mount. It is a device that acts as a joystick for controlling the velocity of your wheelchair.

  • Finger, Head and touchpad Controls

Finger control is a technically superior replacement of gimbal. This small square box with a small hole on it lets you operate your wheelchair with just a touch your finger. Coming to head control feature, it is mounted at the back of your head. You can find it attached with the headset. This technical advancement allows you to drive your wheelchair with the movements of your head in the direction of your choice. As far as the touchpad control is concerned, it is great way to control your lightweight power wheelchair with the touch of your fingers on given touch screen.

  • Sip and Puff Drive Control

Those who are not able to make use of their hands will surely find this feature very useful. You may to gain command on this driving control to perfect your technique. A lot of air is puffed into the tube and you sip on the tube. The strength of your sip commands your wheelchair to act accordingly.

  • Wafer Boards

Those who are not able to control their wheelchair using the joystick like to opt for this feature. Its digital system is particularly designed to help you take full control of your wheelchair from the comfort of your wheelchair tray or lap.

  • Proximity and Switch Drive Control

This is the best driving feature of any electric wheelchair. This unique technical advancement is a great driving feature to let you control your wheelchair by using any part of your body. Most of the users like to have it installed underside of their wheelchair’s tray.

  1. Aluminum frames

Most of the electric wheelchairs love to use aluminum frames because of their lightweight and useful rolling characteristics. In addition to everything, wheelchairs manufactured using aluminum frames are very much affordable as compared to their counterparts in the market.

  1. Brushless Electric Motor

It is also called an electric commutated motor powered through an integrated electric power supply and results in the production of ample electric supply to drive the motor. Brushless motors are way more advantageous as compared to the brushed motors. The list of advantageous includes less noise, improvement in reliability, extra torque per watt and per weight and very long lifespan.

  1. Standup Option

This option provides technical solid and advanced seat options such as:

  • Seat elevation
  • Improved steering performance
  • Technically advanced and improved suspension system

This useful feature is your perfect medium to transit from a seated position to a standing posture. You can even adjust your body position from one place to another. This is the perfect example of technology at its supreme heights to make your life easier.  Therefore, think about it while buying an electric wheelchair.

  1. Turning Radius Capability

Don’t ignore this feature. Turning radius capability of your wheelchair must be taken very seriously because it plays an important role to make your life must be minimum 69 inches to help you take tight turns with ease.

  1. Hassle Free Wheels

Be sure to have hassle free wheels installed in your wheelchair. These tires must be made of strong durable rubber to avoid botheration of maintenance. Foam filled tires are the best examples of it. They are puncture proof and are manufactured using polyurethane.

  1. Some more features to consider

In addition to all these features, you must never forget to look for some more specific features such as:

  1. Light Lithium Ion Battery
  2. Removable Seat and Seat cover

Power Wheelchair

Light Lithium Ion Battery helps your wheelchair travel up to 15 miles before you recharge it again and increases the life and range of your wheelchair. On the other hand, removable Seat and Seat cover increases the level of your physical comfort and stability. They are manufactured using memory foam, gel foam or convoluted foam. This material is very soft and durable.

Learning about these useful features makes the world of difference in your life. Therefore, you must educate yourself about these features to help yourself buy the best of your wheelchair. Always consider seeking the valuable advice of your medical expert and insurance advisor can help you buy a lightweight electric wheelchair that caters to your needs.


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