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The Standard Cost of Electric Wheelchairs

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What are the Types of Wheelchairs?

There are several types of wheelchairs intended for use by individuals with disabilities and adults with mobility limitations or injuries. The most common type is a manual wheelchair, which is used for a brief period of time at hospitals or other locations.

One of the cons of a manual wheelchair is that it doesn`t have electric capabilities and all functions must be done manually. Manual wheelchairs work by a user physically turning the rear wheels manually by hands, or by a caregiver that can help push the mobility device from the back. One of the pros is that a manual wheelchair is lightweight and can be easily folded and stored away.

The other types of wheelchairs that you may come across in your search may include the following:

  1. Travel/Portable Electric Wheelchairs - compact devices that are great for travel.
  2. Full-size Power Wheelchairs - these are standard, sturdy power wheelchairs that provide several functions for daily use.
  3. Heavy-duty Power Wheelchairs - standard weight capacity ranges between 300 and more; used primarily for outdoor use or rough terrain.

How Do Electric Wheelchairs Operate?

Power or electric wheelchairs have four basic parts that allow it to function properly without manual assistance: Battery, Motor, Drive, Controller.

Electric wheelchairs come in different drive mechanisms: Rear-wheel drive, front wheel drive, and center-wheel, or four-wheel drive.

In general, electric or power wheelchairs use rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries that are either wet or dry cell batteries with 4-5 amps. You can operate an electric wheelchair by using a joystick controller that can manage movements and control speed.

There are also more high-tech options for individuals who cannot reach or use their hands to use the controls. These options include eye-to-computer screen controllers, and head to chin controllers and more.

How Much Does an Electric Wheelchair Cost?

A standard electric wheelchair will cost anywhere between $1,500 to $4,000, depending on the high-functioning recline, turning capabilities, and other features. High-end power wheelchairs built for outdoor, or rough terrain and more complex features may sell as much as $10,000 or more.

Here are some of the popular brands that many consumers trust. We provide similar products from these brands on our online website, at an affordable price:

  • Pride Mobility
  • Merits Health
  • Drive Medical
  • Shoprider
  • Golden Technologies Power Wheelchairs
  • Jazzy Power Wheelchairs

Why are Electric Wheelchairs So Expensive?

Deciding to purchase an electric wheelchair can be an expensive but necessary and important decision for a loved one or yourself. Some of the reasons for the high cost of these mobility devices could be attributed to the manufacturing expense which includes product testing and FDA approval and various testing to ensure that the mobility device is safe before it hits the market. Other factors that come into play include the technology in the form of joysticks implemented in the electric vehicle.

An electric wheelchair can be pricey, which is why we strive to provide a range of affordable options for our customers.  we work hard to provide superior customer service by providing the lowest possible pricing. We ensure this commitment by price matching on almost any product, and also provide free shipping on all items.




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