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In Need of a Power Wheelchair for Someone with a Disability?

Posted by Tom Lee on

Are you looking to purchase a power wheelchair for someone with disabilities but unsure of what to look for? With such a wide variety of power wheelchair models available online it may seem overwhelming or difficult finding the most suitable one for someone with serious injuries or disabilities.  Of course, certain electric chairs apply to certain people so depending on your weight, and intended use the selection of handicap power chairs you want to choose from may vary. Today I will help you understand in better detail what it is a user with serious injuries or disabilities should consider when purchasing their very own handicap power chair. I will also present 3 of the most reliable power wheelchairs you should consider when looking into durable handicap power chairs.


What to Consider When Purchasing a Power Chair for Someone with Disabilities

power wheelchairs for disabled people

Now if you are unsure what it is you should consider in a power wheelchair for someone with disabilities the first thing is to make sure the handicap power wheelchairs you look at can hold the users’ weight capacity. Never purchase a power chair if you weigh more than it can handle or even if you’re 20 lbs below it, you take a major risk of damaging the motor and frame.  Another very important detail to look for is the travel range or life span of your battery-powered electric wheelchair. In a majority of cases, a user with serious injuries or disabilities is more than likely going to be using this chair all day long, so you want to make sure you have a power chair with plenty of life and drive time. My recommendation would be to look at power chairs that can at least travel 10-15 miles when fully charged, keep in mind you can always purchase something less expensive with less of a travel range, but do you want to risk breaking down and being stuck somewhere in the middle of travels? The bigger the amount of mileage the longer your power chair will last. This is a very important factor to look for so remember this when shopping online for the best handicap power chair. Another important detail to look at is the seat. Disabled Users will want to make sure they’re comfortable simply because they will be using the chair at almost all times. Details to look for would be things such as, armrests, joystick options, pads for comfort, possibly an elevated seat, width of the seat, headrest and if it is adjustable for reclining purposes. The last factor I will mention is in reference to the tires you choose. Now if you plan on using your handicap power chair on rougher terrains or various terrains constantly, you will want flat free or solid tires to ensure that you don’t come across a flat tire when out and about. As long as you’re looking at power chairs with these features you should have no issue finding the right handicap style electric power chair, just in case I have listed 3 recommendations below.

The 3 Best Power Wheelchairs for Disabled People

All 3 power chairs presented below are in no particular order.

Alante Sport Power Wheelchair


The Alante Sport by Golden Technologies is an excellent handicap power chair that is in a class of its own. Holding up a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, this durable electric wheelchair comes stock with an 18” seat and a 20” as an available option. Running on precision electronics, The Alante Sport by Golden Technologies provides a 25” turning radius making it a great on turns around tight spaces. It also comes with very durable foam-filled tires that are supportive of various terrains. Powered by two 12V 35Ah batteries, The Alante Sport is capable of lasting up to 16.5 miles when fully charged and has 3 footrest options, a standard footplate, elevated leg rests and swing-away leg rest. All are intended for those that cannot stand long and need some sort of comfort their legs. The Alante comes highly recommended and definitely meets the top standard for a handicap power chair.

Zip’r Mantis Power Wheelchair


The Mantis by Zip’r is a full-size power chair that is quite durable. Available with either an 18” or 20” wide adjustable high back captain seat, The Zip’r Mantis handicap power chair is capable of sustaining up to 300 lbs as maximum weight capacity. This powerful handicapped electric wheelchair is very quick for its size, going 4 mph, The Mantis by Zip’r comes equipped with thick 10” flat-free tires making it durable and capable of handling rougher than normal surfaces while driving. Designed with mid-wheel drive, the handicap power chair is great on turning corners and through smaller doorways. Another great feature that is optional is the elevated seat. Depending on the height you decide when elevating your seat, you will see a vast change in your maximum speed eventually not moving at all if fully elevated. It also comes with a Footplate to rest your feet on. Overall another great choice I would highly recommend to someone with a serious injury or disability.


Jazzy Elite 14 Power Wheelchair


The Jazzy Elite 14 designed by Pride Mobility is another excellent handicap power chair. This durable power chair comes with 6 seat size options and the seat is padded and adjustable. Holding up to 300 lbs this handicap battery-powered wheelchair come equipped with large 14” Knobby tires, providing plenty of security and durability over most rough terrains. Designed to run on 12V 22NF batteries, Pride Mobility’s Jazzy Elite 14 Power Wheelchair is capable of lasting as long as 10 miles and is capable of going 4.2 mph. Built with a front-wheel-drive The Jazzy Elite 14 has options of either a footplate, swing-away footrests or elevated leg rests so there is plenty of comfort for someone who will be using this power chair throughout the day. This power chair is definitely one I highly recommend, Pride Mobility is possibly the biggest name in the mobility scooter/power wheelchair industry so you sleep soundly knowing you have a quality power chair for someone with disabilities.


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Now that you have a little more knowledge of what to look for I hope you’re able to find something suitable for yours or the user’s needs. If you don’t choose from the three mentioned above at least you’ll have these as examples of what to look for. Being comfortable and enjoying your handicap power chair is very important. I do hope you’re able to make the right choice and I also hope you found the information I have provided helpful. Thank you for reading!



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