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Five Fun Activities to do With Adults and Senior Citizens with Disabilities

Posted by Tom Lee on

Five Fun Activities to do With Adults and Senior Citizens with Disabilities

There are a multitude of fun and engaging indoor and outdoor activities to do with senior citizens or adults with disabilities that may have limited mobility.

If you are a caregiver or an adult with disabilities, it is important to keep in mind the various limitations, safety issues, or accommodations required when choosing an adaptive activity best suited for an individual with disabilities.

For loved ones who utilize power wheelchairs or other mobility devices, you can consider adding the following creative indoor and outdoor activities to the list:

A Trip to the Movie Theater

Several public places, including movie theaters, are required to make certain accommodations for individuals with disabilities under the ADA. For instance, AMC Theaters has assisted moviegoing services. Their showings are designated to assist moviegoers with hearing and vision impairments.

AMC writes, "We offer devices to enhance and amplify audio, provide closed captioning, or provide narration of the action on screen. In addition, AMCs accessible theaters offer wheelchair seating in every auditorium. Our goal is to make all of our films enjoyable for everyone".

Make a trip to the movie theater and reserve an accompanying movie theater seat as well as a wheelchair accessibility chair for individuals with disabilities.

Usually there is an allotted number of seats for individuals who use wheelchairs, and plenty of additional gaps in the row for easy transport of the device.

Consider purchasing an exterior or interior power chair or scooter lift for your vehicle to assist with easy transport and unloading to get to the destination.

Visit a Museum

Having access to art and historic museums is important as it helps provide a sense of community and encourages all to learn more about ancient artifacts or mementos and relics from the past.

There are often ramps and other wheelchair accessibility areas for easy access at public places such as local museums.

Museums are required to be ADA-accessible and also accommodating for individuals with disabilities that use service dogs. There is often wheelchair seating for special museum screenings, as well as standard wheelchairs for use at museums such as the Getty Museum. Additional accessibility includes accessible parking to make it easier for individuals with disabilities to get to the destination safely.

Adaptive Sports

It`s important to get in at least 30 minutes of daily exercise and to keep moving to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Adults with disabilities have several adaptive physical activity options when it comes to getting in the daily recommended 30-min intake of exercise.

You can look at some of the programs offered at a local recreation center to see if they offer and have adaptive equipment catered to people with various disabilities. The options for adaptive sports are endless - skiing, biking, and even surfing.

Adaptive surfing is a great recreational activity for adults with disabilities. For instance, according to Disabled Sports USA, there are public beaches in the United States that can provide individuals with a beach wheelchair to make it easier to move in the sand, as well as special adaptive surfing lessons for individuals interested in surfing.

Art for the Heart

You dont have to be a professional artist in order to enjoy art. Art is therapeutic, fuels the soul and helps illustrate our varied emotions on a blank canvas. Adults with disabilities can attend popular local paint nights at an art studio that makes accommodations or helps create a sense of community for those interested in art.

Opting Outside and Enjoying Nature and Rough Terrain

There are so many great new and used power chairs best suited for harsh terrain and outdoor use 

It is one of our most popular wheelchairs due to its versatility and ability to adapt to any environment with its powerful suspension and outdoor performance.

What other activities have you done with a loved one? Wed love to hear from you!


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