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Correct Operation Method And Steps Of Electric Wheelchair

Posted by Tom Lee on

Electric wheelchairs are becoming more and more popular, but the steps and methods of many elderly friends using electric wheelchairs are unscientific, so Weiyijia Wheelchair Network will introduce the correct operation methods and steps of electric wheelchairs for you!

The electric wheelchair is a multi-functional wheelchair with artificial intelligence control based on the manual wheelchair, superimposed with high-performance power drive devices and other configurations. Electric wheelchairs can enhance the self-care ability of users and save a lot of nursing costs for families. The main users of electric wheelchairs are the elderly and the disabled. Especially for elderly friends, the steps in operating the electric wheelchair must be scientific and reasonable.
Correct operation method and steps of electric wheelchair
1. Before sitting in an electric wheelchair, please check several aspects carefully:

1. Whether the electromagnetic brake is in a closed state. Otherwise, the wheelchair will slip back when getting on the wheelchair, causing danger. In addition, the clutch is in the open state, and the electric wheelchair cannot be driven normally;

2. Is the tire pressure normal? When the tire pressure of the electric wheelchair is abnormal, it will deviate when driving, or even unsafe;

3. The power is turned off. When sitting in an electric wheelchair, make sure that the power is turned off, otherwise accidentally touching the controller joystick will cause a safety accident;
4. The foot pedal must be erected, and it is not allowed to step on the foot pedal to get on and off the wheelchair;

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Second, the correct operation method and steps after sitting in the electric wheelchair

1. Fasten your seat belt. Seat belts are redundant most of the time, but you must develop good habits and have safety awareness;

2. Put down the pedals and place your feet flat on the pedals; if some elderly people have chronic diseases such as cough and asthma, please put away the pedals when the cough is severe, step on the ground with both feet, or stand State cough is safer;

3. Turn on the power supply and gently push the controller joystick forward with your hand to drive the electric wheelchair forward;

4. Strictly abide by the traffic rules, do not run red lights, do not go to the fast lane;

5. When encountering obstacles or roads with steep slopes, please take a detour or politely ask passers-by to assist in passing, and do not pass without certainty, so as to avoid potential safety hazards.


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