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Using a wheelchair can be restricting as one constantly needs help to handle day-to-day activities like getting out of bed, using the washroom, or getting around. Fortunately, with the introduction of power scooters, several patients can enjoy the liberty of doing many basic tasks by themselves. For example, they can climb slopes with ease, keep pace with family and friends, and reduce tiredness.

To add to their convenience, many power wheelchairs have begun to introduce seat elevators. These specialized seats are an add-on power function that allows patients to lift and lower the seats of their wheelchair while they are still seated in them. They operate through an electromechanical lift system and can be easily controlled at all times by the wheelchair user.

Elevator seats are designed to make mobility easier, safer, and more comfortable for wheelchair-bound individuals as well as allow them to participate independently from a seated position in a world designed for those who can move without the use of a wheelchair. Seat elevators have many benefits for wheelchair-bound individuals, including pain reduction, improved self-confidence, and social skills, and increased independence.

Seat elevators can help reduce various challenges or pains for wheelchair-bound individuals in several ways. They allow these individuals to transfer themselves more easily into their bed or a chair, onto a toilet, and onto the floor or a lower surface without injuring themselves or requiring help from someone else. This ease of independent transfer can help reduce pain and strain on an individual’s knees and hips and reduce the need for extensive strength in their extremities.

Anyone that uses a power wheelchair for mobility can benefit from a seat elevator. There isn’t any age restriction, as it is safe and easy to use for everyone.

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