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Why Did Electric Bikes Become Popular in the USA?

Posted by Tom Lee on

Why Did Electric

Are Electric Bikes Popular?

In a word, yes. In a few words, yes, very popular.

Why electric bikes have become so popular

The simple answer is because eBikes are for everyone. There are so many types and models of electric bikes, that one can be found to suit every person and any need at pretty much any price. From elite athletes wanting to push their bodies a bit further, to those with varying mobility needs, there is an electric bike to fit each scenario. Of course there are as many reasons as there are cyclists, let’s look at some of them here.

  • Pedal Assist equals accessibility for all
  • Cost of ownership at an all time low
  • Healthy lifestyle a top priority
  • Caring for the planet not just a fad
  • New technologies are just cool

Accessibility for All

Electric bikes come in so many different styles, sizes and functions that there is a model to fit everyone. From low-cost day trippers to high-end long range eMTBs like the Delfast Top 3.0i, the choices are endless. They open the city streets, the trails, and country lanes to all interested. This is quite possibly the number one reason why eBikes popularity has soared. This accessibility gives all ages and abilities the chance to enjoy the pleasures of riding a bicycle and access to new experiences and locations. 

Pedal assist modes have been the single biggest contributor to this expansion of access. When pressure is applied to the pedals the motor responds instantly by assisting in the rotation of the wheels, adding the exact percentage of power requested in any given mode. This is applied differently with different types of drives (mid-drive, rear-hub, front-hub) as well as different use of electronics. Some assist modes use algorithms to calculate and predict the amount of force needed, while others use sensors to react in realtime. The technology is continuously improving, becoming more and more accurate and helpful. 

These advances give everyone a chance to experience adventure when paired with the right equipment. These technologies are being used in amazing ways for those with mobility issues. Trikes, wheelchairs, and all forms of mobility assistance devices are harnessing the power of electric motors to provide more access to more places. The fact that these devices are getting lighter and constantly pushing innovation means they can now be found in racing bikes and mountain bikes. The possibilities are endless.

Cost of Ownership

The cost of owning and maintaining electric bikes is getting lower all the time. The average cost of charging an eBike in the US is just 5 cents per charge. As the infrastructure gets greener and comes from cleaner energy the cost is expected to go down. Battery innovation is pushing down the cost of lithium batteries as they get smaller but gain capacity. 

Commuting on an electric bike offers a huge cost advantage over the traditional combustion engine vehicle. Many people are switching to electric bikes because they are fed up with paying ridiculous gas prices. This is one of the top reasons cited when making a decision to buy an eBike. In Los Angeles, and many other cities, commuting by eBike also means you aren’t sitting in smog-inducing traffic jams caused by that gasoline powered car. Did you know that happiness levels plunge for each extra minute you add to your daily commute? 

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is more than drinking kale-acai-goji berry smoothies in the morning. It’s about making choices that make you healthier and happier all around. Physical exercise and time outdoors are two of the most important factors in a happy healthy lifestyle. The added accessibility an electric bike provides helps get you out of doors, being active for longer periods of time and making better decisions for you, your body, and mind. Numerous studies have now shown that contrary to popular belief electric bikes have made people more active, not less. 

Many Americans want to live healthier, more active life. Deciding on that electric bike you’ve been wanting could be the perfect first step (or pedal).

Caring for the Planet

Can buying an electric bike be considered caring for the planet? We believe it can. It’s called purchase power. Our decisions to buy certain products send powerful messages to those who make policy, and to corporations whose ultimate goal is to be profitable. Along the way we can make sure that the things we purchase are better for the planet than the products we’ve purchased before. 

Owning an eBike means you are less reliant on the petroleum industry. Each new electric bike and electric car purchased fuels the invention of better, cleaner versions in the future. Many eBikes on the market today are made in much less carbon intensive ways than their automobile relatives. The amount of electricity it takes to power an eBike is much less than for a car. Battery technology has come far fast, and the recharge and reuse of current battery components is a burgeoning and promising science. 

Caring for the planet also means holding optimism that technology will help to alleviate some of the pressure on our planet. We continue to push to be at the forefront of green technology for the future.

New Technologies are Cool

New technology and the pace at which it is moving are amazing and sometimes frightening. Let’s take a minute to acknowledge that some technology is just straight up cool. Just because something is cool doesn’t give it a license to run amok.

California is synonymous with cool tech. It is the birthplace of the startup and some of the most powerful tech firms in the world. With great power comes great responsibility. Delfast is intent on balancing the two. Our electric bikes are designed and created with the intention of innovating the coolest tech while balancing our responsibility to our customers and the planet. We’ll keep pushing, you keep riding.


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