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The best e-bike for you

Choosing the right e-bike for you can be more difficult than you would expect, with so many options suited to different situations. We break down the main types of e-bikes, what their purpose is, and the best environments to use them in.



eCargo bikes are bicycles that include a cargo area placed at either the front, or rear end of the bike. Traditionally, they are used by tradespeople to transport packages and food goods, but we are now seeing them in more everyday use.   

The advantages of eCargo bikes compared to other commercial vehicles, are that they do not create air and noise pollution problems, contribute little to traffic delays, and are not costly to operate. This is great from both a business and personal standpoint, bringing universal benefits.

An everyday application of the eCargo bike could be taking your children to the park or transporting food and drink for a picnic. Even on a long-distance journey, our powerful motors can take you anywhere, and our high-capacity 600Wh batteries make hills feel like flat roads, powering your whole trip.

Check out more about eCargo drive systems: https://bafang-e.com/en/applications/ecargo/



The eCity bike is designed for more frequent, short/medium bike rides through relatively flat, urban districts, making for a practical electric bike. As they are more suited to urban environments, city bikes tend to focus more on comfort and accessibility, rather than speed and efficiency.

The eCity bike has many strengths that can make other city transport obsolete, such as being a great way to improve health, save money, and reduce congestion in the city, all whilst getting you to your destination just as fast!

Bafang has mastered eCity travel with drive systems that are perfectly suited for urban use. Defined by light components, long battery life, and harmonious handling, cycling through narrow streets on this kind of ride becomes pure bliss! 

Check out more about eCity drive systems: https://bafang-e.com/en/applications/ecity/



eMTBs are designed for off-road cycling. Built to be extra durable, these bikes ensure high performance on even the toughest terrain. Unlike eCity bikes, eMTBs tend to feel heavier, because in turn you get the benefit of a suspension fork, powerful brakes, and a higher power motor, to ensure you can zoom up steep ascents and across uneven surfaces.

eMTB’s are great for adventurers that love to explore vast, expansive areas of nature, or for speed demons who love to descend tricky slopes at hair-raising speeds. MTBs are designed to withstand scrapes and knocks, as nature isn’t always the kindest to riders.

We love a good competition and are actively involved in the CST PostNL Bafang MTB Racing Team. Our systems, perfectly designed for long and challenging trails, help power the team’s eMTB racers across the finish line. With durable motors exhibiting power up to 120Nm of torque, and overall dexterous control, Bafang will take you all the way.

Check out more about eMTB drive systems: https://bafang-e.com/en/applications/emtb/



eRoad bikes are distinguished by their ability to travel at high speeds on paved roads. Due to the high speeds they can reach, road bikes can also be called racing bikes and have many features that make them stand out from the crowd. Tires are narrower to decrease rolling resistance, and handlebars are dropped to make the rider more streamlined. These features, as well as an overall light weight, ensure high speed when traveling far. 

Generally, road bikes are suited for endurance cycling, and flat, smooth road surfaces contribute to helping you enjoy them to the maximum. However, having an eRoad drive system can make even steep hills feel effortless, and more importantly, enjoyable.

The Bafang M800 is perfectly catered towards improving the performance of eRoad bikes without being noticeable in weight. It balances the performance of the motor and the rider, disengaging above 25 km/h, leaving you to enjoy the full speed of your road bike.

Check out more about eRoad drive systems: https://bafang-e.com/en/applications/eroad/



Sharing similar traits to road bikes, eTour bikes are significantly more robust, comfortable, and weight-bearing than their other cycling counterparts.

Tour bikes are suited to long-haul, distance traveling that can span days, weeks, months, or even years! So, that’s why they must be reliable and sturdy. To make this possible, the eTour bike adopts heavy-duty wheels for load capacity, and a long wheelbase to allow room for what you are carrying along for the journey. As well as this, they traditionally use wide-ratio derailleur gears for steep hills under loads, but with eTour bikes, this is much less of a challenge.

Looking at the long-distance aspect of eTour usage, the Bafang eTour bike’s batteries are suited towards longer journeys, and have in-tube installation, leaving more room on the frame for luggage fixtures and fittings. Not to mention having a lightweight drive system that significantly improves range and battery life.

Check out more about eTour drive systems: https://bafang-e.com/en/applications/etour/


This handy guide covers all the basic differences between the categories in brief, and we hope it helps in finding the right e-bike for you! 



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