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As daily commutes can prove stressful, tiring, and costly, it’s no wonder more of us are on the lookout for alternative ways of getting from A to B. Have you ever considered commuting by e-bike? E-bikes are an efficient mode of transport that can transform your daily commutes from diss to bliss, and here are just a few reasons why.

De-stress your commute

As the number of cars on the road increase every year, so does the likelihood of getting stuck in those dreaded traffic ques! Commuting to and from work can be stressful as this is often the busiest time to travel, especially if you work in the city centre. Switching from your usual mode of transport to an e-bike can drastically cut your commute time, whilst adding a touch of leisure into your routine. Gone are the days of waiting for late, busy buses, queuing in traffic (for what seems like an eternity) and struggling to find a decent parking space! Hello to efficiency, personal space, and speed.

Ditch the sweat

We all know the benefits of daily exercise (both mentally and physically) but turning up to the office all sweaty and exhausted can deter many of us from commuting by bike. With the added assistance provided from an e-bike motor, you’ll be able to travel further without excessive effort. Although the motor will lend a helping hand, commuting by e-bike and is a great way to add some exercise into your daily routine. What an easy way to help you get fit?!

Don’t break the bank

As the price of public transport tickets constantly rises and the yearly cost of running a car remains high, we’re left wishing for a cheaper option to help us get to where we want to go. Could e-bikes provide the answer? We think, yes! Although the initial cost of an e-bike can be high, the running costs after this are rather low. Charging, servicing fees, and replacement parts will likely be the extent of your costs. This could save you hundreds in the long term. Result!

If you’re looking to improve your commute, why not try out an e-bike and find out how BAFANG can add power to your life.


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