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Whether you want to ditch the car and opt for a greener way of travel. Or, maybe you want to get fit for the new year. The humble e-bike may just be the thing you need to get into cycling.

Here are 4 ways e-biking makes it easier to get into cycling. *

Makes your journeys more efficient

Of course, the human powered bicycle is one of the most efficient modes of transport, however, if you add the element of electric assist – the human bicycle becomes even more efficient. What’s not to love about that?! E-biking can mean that you get to your destination much quicker and means you are less tired when you get there, so you arrive feeling good and ready-to-go.

Allows you to leave your excuses at the door

Often, the reason we don’t want to cycle is because there is a whole heap of obstacles in our way. Maybe the journey is just that bit too long, maybe it’s too windy to cycle, or maybe you’ve got an injury that does not allow you to ride a regular bicycle. The awesome thing about e-biking is that it is the key to overcoming many of the obstacles faced with regular cycling. The e-bike is super accommodating, allowing you to ride further with less effort. A win-win!

Banishes the commuting woes

Freeing your commute with an electric bike can help you battle those commuting woes we all face way too often. The difficultly of planning your bicycle commute so you can find the shortest, or quickest route, or factoring in the queue for the showers at the office is enough to put anyone off commuting by bike. But with an e-bike, you can worry less about these things as you become a more flexible bicycle commuter. Wave goodbye to the sweaty queue for the shower!

Makes you SMILE!

By making cycling easier, e-bikes open the door to travelling longer distances and more frequently by bike meaning you become a happier person! Explore our range of e-bike systems and find out how BAFANG is engineered to make you smile.


*We could probably list 100 reasons, but we wouldn’t want to bore you with that!


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