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Posted by Tom Lee on

A Few Tips to Help You Travel Safer

Although you may have been cycling for as long as you can remember, riding an e-bike can take a little adjusting to. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few tips on how to stay safe on your new mode of transport.


Stay aware 

E-bikes are a fairly new edition to the road, which means not everyone is prepared for how they move. As cars learn to share the road with e-bikes, it’s important for you, as a rider, to be aware of your surroundings. The higher speed of your e-bike means you’re left with a shorter time to react. To help decrease the risk of accidents, its key to stay extra focused at all times!    


Wear protection 

In the case that an accident does occur, it’s important to always be wearing the appropriate safety equipment. A helmet can help to decrease the severity of many bike-related head injuries, so why wouldn’t you wear one? When you’re out on your e-bike, never forget your helmet!


Master your braking technique 

With higher speed ability and extra weight from electric components, braking on an e-bike can feel a little different. Mastering this skill takes practice, but the more you use your e-bike, the better your braking technique will become. We recommend testing out your brakes in an empty space, such as a car park, to help you get to grips with the amount of pressure you need to apply to stop your e-bike at different speeds.  


Maintain a good tyre pressure 

Getting your tyre pressure correct can help make your ride a lot easier. Due to their heavier weight, e-bikes generally require higher tyre pressure than standard bikes. To support a safe riding technique, always ensure your tyres are pumped up to a good level. We suggest checking the recommended tyre pressure for your particular bike to ensure an optimum riding experience.


We hope these tips can help you stay safe and keep riding your e-bikes to your heart's content! Share some of your own tips and tricks with us on social media


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