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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Ebike Battery

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Tips For Taking Care

As our customer support receives a lot of battery-related questions from customers, we decided to tell you more about how to take care of your e-bike battery. We have previously published articles on similar topics: testing the batterybeginner’s guidespeeding up your electric bike.

How to Charge an E-Bike Battery

When looking to buy a new electric bike, one should wonder how exactly to charge the electric bike battery. So, first of all, remove the battery pack from your electric bike. After that make sure that the battery pack switch has been turned off. The next step is placing the charger to the battery pack and then just plug it in.

According to best charging practices, with lithium ion battery, the most widespread battery type to be used in the extremely fast growing electric bike industry, no harm is expected to happen when pulling the plug early. When the batteries are being charged, it happens in two cycles. The first one is where 80-90% of the charge is replenished, which means the battery is being charged in the fastest way. This also means, if you stop charging the battery half an hour before it is fully charged, you will still have the battery charged most of the way.

Сustomers sometimes wonder if the battery can be replaced. The answer is yes. The battery can be replaced at any time and it normally does not affect the power loss of the bike.

How long does it take to charge an electric bike?

Usually electric bike chargers have a red LED to signal that the battery is still on charge and the red signal switches to green once the bike is fully charged.

Time to charge the bike in full depends on the battery size, but usually it takes from 2 to 6 hours to charge to 100%.Here’s what you should keep in mind: if it takes about two hours to charge your electric bike that has about 40 miles range, then a recharge rate is expected to be about 20 miles per hour of charging.

Do they charge while pedalling?

Some ebikes allow you to recharge your electric bike battery while riding a bike. Usually it can add up to 5-10% of the battery range. However, this option can increase the bike cost. Besides, it can cause e-bike pedalling to become more difficult. If you have any doubts about how far you can ride the electric bike, you can avoid any worries about battery drain while cycling.

Charging e-bike battery at home: main tips

So here are the main tips on how to take care of your electric bike.

  1. Charge your ebike battery regularly. Even if you are not planning to use your electric bike for a long period of time, it is even more important to take care of your e-bike and its battery before and during the entire storage period. While you can leave a traditional bike in the garage for several months, an e-bike needs more frequent maintenance. Plus, electric bikes work best with frequent use, so try not to leave them in long-term storage. Fear not, though: if you follow the appropriate steps, you will soon realize that storing and maintaining your e-bike is not difficult. Besides, before preparing your e-bike for storage, there are three main factors to consider: cleaning the e-bike properly, charging and caring for the battery. These factors need to be considered as they play a large role in the short and long term safety and functionality of your electric bike.
  2. Avoid temperature extremes. When you first buy a new e-bike, take the time to fully charge the battery within 12 hours. This long initial charge ensures that current flows through all cells and helps prepare the battery right out of the box. An electric bike battery treats the weather in the same way as most electric bike riders. Better moderate temperatures. To prolong the battery life of the electric bike, avoid extreme temperatures both during use and while charging the battery. Do not charge your battery when it’s very cold, e.g. in the dead winter. It’s better to bring it home and wait till the temperature is appropriate to start charging. When it’s cold, there’s a risk of electrolyte component breakdown. High temperatures can also bring damage to electric bike battery.
  3. Do not overcharge an electric bike battery. Do not leave the e-bike battery in the charger for a long time - think a few days or more. When you do this, you can create a situation where the battery runs out, leaving it at perhaps 95 percent capacity. The charger then enters operating mode, charging the battery. This minor charge and top-up cycle continues to create a series of bad charge cycles. Instead, use the timer on your mobile device to remind you to remove the battery from the charger.
  4. Charge your new battery pack for 12 hours. When you first buy a new e-bike, take the time to fully charge the battery within 12 hours. This long initial charge ensures that current flows through all cells and helps prepare the battery right out of the box.
  5. Do not store the empty electric bike battery. Sometimes you may need to leave the battery for the e-bike. Perhaps you are going on a trip. Maybe it's too cold outside to drive. In any case, do not store the battery discharged; instead, look for 40 to 70 percent full capacity.


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