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Tips for Maintaining An Electric Bike

Posted by Tom Lee on

Although an electric bike is heavier and more complex than a traditional one, its maintenance isn't quite different from maintaining a regular bike. A well-known folding electric bicycles company-Heybike has invited some professional mechanics to provide pragmatic tips for e-bike maintenance.


Do regular cleaning

It is strongly recommended that the electric bike should be cleaned at least once a month. Ideally, if you have more spare time, it would be even better to clean your bike every time after a ride. When you scrub the electric bike, don't point a high-pressure hose directly at the e-bike's components, which may damage its waterproof seals. Even worse, it would force water in them and cause the malfunction of the machine. Therefore, just use a clean cloth. Also, please pay more attention to dirt, sand, grit, and mud sticking in every part of the bike, such as in the derailleur, in the chain, and around the wheels. Moreover, you should dry up your bike after washing it. The mechanic experts also advise the users to lubricate the chain, derailleur, cables etc. After applying the lubricant to different parts of the bike, wait for several minutes and then wipe off the excess lubricant. In all, keeping your bike clean and lubricated will make it moving smoothly, enhance its life as well as ensure the bike works properly as it should.


Do periodic inspection

No matter how clean your bike is, it is necessary for you to inspect it regularly. But the frequency of inspection depends on how often you ride the e-bike and under which conditions. The more you use the bike, the more frequency you need to check its performance. There are some components needed to inspect. For example, you should check the tires to see whether they inflate properly and to examine whether the brakes and the chain function smoothly. More importantly, you should have a thorough inspection of your battery and rotors. Also, look for movement in the bottom bracket to check out whether there is something wrong. When you find out a problem with your electric bike, you must repair it as soon as possible since a small and easy-to-fix problem can become expensive if it is ignored. Therefore, in long run, doing periodic inspections can save you money and time waiting for the bike to be repaired.


Advises for storing

Just like mobile phones, the batteries of the electric bike don't like extreme cold and heat. If the battery is put in extreme temperature, its life expectancy would dramatically deteriorate and even it may result in a fire which poses a huge threat to people's lives and property. Hence if you live in an area where the summer is too hot or the winter is too cold, it's advisable for you to store your bike in your home. Note that it's unnecessary for you to take the battery off the bike when you store it. Also, don't let the battery run out of charge completely and leave it in your storehouse for a long time, and don't leave your electric bike out in the heavy rain or snow. As for the place to store the bike, it's ideal to put it on flat ground rather than putting it on rough land with uneven holes in case the bike falls and damages its components.


Advises for using

Before riding the e-bike on the road, a few things are needed to be check to promise a comfortable and safe ride. Please checks the tire conditions since the deflated tires will drain the battery faster and shorten the life of the tires. Also, it's quite significant that the brakes are working well because the electric bikes are slightly heavy. Don't frequently slam on your brakes. It will not only cause damage to the brakes, but also it's very dangerous. Besides, make sure your battery in the full state of charge.



In short, these are some general tips to keep your electric bike as a new one. Want to get more information about an e-bike? Please feel free to visit heybike. com on which you can find out many professional and usable information about an e-bike.


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