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Riding E-Bikes in the USA

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An E-bike is a hybrid which combines the classic features of a traditional pedal bicycle with the innovations of a battery powered vehicle. The concept of a motorized bike is not new. Inventors were exploring bicycles with combustion engines as far back as 1860. Most were no more than a traditional bike with a small combustion engine attached, eventually morphing into mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles.

To paraphrase a saying in history, “everything old is new again”.  That is the case with the exciting introductions of the Heybike. Currently featuring two distinct models which are offered for sale directly to consumers at heybike.com, this hybrid bicycle for modern living in the city and beyond is a viable solution for commuters, leisure as well as fitness riders.

Maximum Speed and Power Key To Some State Laws

Although motorized with a 36V 10Ah removable lithium battery which can produce a maximum speed of 19 MPH, the Heybike Cityscape Electric Cruiser Bike does not require any special license to ride in some states.

The E-Bike revolution, which is being led by the durable, reliable designs at Heybike are currently regulated on a State-by-State basis. Some States treat the hybrid battery powered 350-Watt Efficient Brushless Motor the same as a traditional combustion engine moped. Alabama is one State which regulates E-Bikes as a class of moped, it does not specify a max speed for a license and registration, but it does put the max power at 150 CC before they are required. From the sweltering heat of Alabama to the crisp cold winter of Alaska, these two States have similar regulations. The difference here is that the Alaska Legislature has put a cap on the power at 1/3 less than Alabama at 50 cc.

States which have maximum power restrictions for the increasingly popular e-bike include, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Washington. It is important to become familiar with State laws when purchasing and riding an E-Bike.

E-Bike Friendly Cities

Vehicle wattage restrictions for use of e-bikes on public streets vary widely by States. These restrictions range from 750W to 1000W. Although these States do not specify a speed limit, the wattage capabilities are self-regulatory. Others such as the two noted have CC restrictions, which again limits their top speeds. In response to traffic congestion and climate change many States and municipalities are setting their sights on tackling legislative agendas which encourage the energy efficient e-bike wave.

Cities such as New York City which has been dedicated to creating a “bike” friendly cityscape for commuters, drivers and pedestrians has implemented extremely specific requirements based on a variety of variables. The Heybike Cityscape model featuring dual shock absorbers, lights and brakes with a 7 speed Shimano pedal option and max speed of 19 MPH makes it ideal for the over 1000 miles of NYC bike lanes.

New York State law is different from NYC law regarding the licensing, operation, and registration of the e-bike. The same is true for LA and the State of California, as well as Chicago and the State of Illinois along with many other major cities and their States.

As States and Cities begin to regulate the coming wave of e-bikes and their riders, today, e-bikes are widely used in mid-sized cities, towns, and rural areas throughout the USA. A Chicago ordinance passed last year permits e-bikes to be ridden on bikeways if the cycle is less than 125 pounds.  The residents of Chicago, NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, and other larger cities can use the Heybike Cityscape model which meet most restrictions currently in the law. Packed with luxury the Heybike Cityscape offers a smooth ride on city streets. It features a plush adjustable seat with shock absorbers, a back lit display module, along with a wide based cargo bed for completing, work, and shopping chores while on the go. A USB charging port, high-visibility LED headlight, dual brakes, strong kickstand are all part of the essential features of this e-bike built for the city.

Adapting to E-Bikes

Cities such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Detroit, St. Louis, and many more who are imagining the future of city streets to include more pedestrian plazas, malls, and public areas which are accessible by bike paths are becoming ideal for e-bikes.

Beaches, and rural areas with many miles of easily accessible bike paths, trails, blue-ways, and greenways open an exciting world of green travel for the e-biker. The Heybike Folding Fat tire was designed for these adventurous rides. It includes details for safety and comfort for rural and wilderness travel and exploration. With A Max speed of 20 MPH and a 48-mile range, this heavy-duty adventure e-bike is in a class by itself.  Again, as municipalities, town, states, private property resorts, and parks, adjust to the prevalence of e-bikes, the laws will be refined. Be sure to check for local statutes regarding riding, registering, and licensing of the newest green energy transportation revolution.


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