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How to get the best performance from your eBike battery

Ever wondered how you can increase your ride time during a single charge? By implementing a few simple changes to your routine before and during your journey, you can get the most out of your battery.

These tips and tricks are especially important in the winter months, as the falling temperature in many locations sees a typical lithium-ion battery operating outside of its optimum range. Follow this guide to keep your eBike at its best all year round!


1. Charge and store your battery indoors

In a cold environment your battery may struggle to achieve full capacity, affecting your ride time. By storing and charging the battery at temperatures above 10˚C during the winter you can easily avoid the negative impact of colder months.


2. Keep your tire pressure high

Maintaining maximum air pressure in your tires will keep rolling resistance to a minimum, lowering the energy required during every aspect of your ride.


3. Travel light

The more baggage you’re travelling with the harder your motor will have to work, draining your battery faster! Shed extra weight by leaving behind unnecessary items, giving your eBike a larger range.


4. Coasting to a standstill

Keep your eyes on what’s coming ahead, is there a red light or closed gate that’s putting your journey to a momentary standstill? Save yourself a few seconds of energy by allowing yourself to gradually coast to a stop when approaching an obstacle, rather than going all out just to hit the brakes.


5. Look after your chain

As we already mentioned, resistance and friction are range killers. A clean and oiled chain will ensure you’re getting the most out of your motor, and subsequently, your battery.


6. Select the right mode for the right moment

It may seem obvious but by keeping an eye on the level of assistance you’re receiving from your eBike, and reducing this when not required, your battery’s range could see a significant boost. A good phrase to consider is ‘as little as possible, as much as needed’, though the best way to enjoy your eBike is however you feel most comfortable.


7. Pedal while you accelerate

Accelerating is the single largest drain on your eBike’s battery, so reducing this energy spend will go a long way in maximising range. Just a few seconds of pedal power could cut your energy usage during this phase in half; especially helpful in an urban location where stopping and starting is more common.

These handy tips and tricks will ensure your eBike goes the distance. 


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