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What's the difference between a front, mid and rear mounted motor?

Ever wondered how much the placement of your eBike motor mattered? It's guaranteed they'll all give you that extra push whilst you're pedaling, but how they do it and how much they can offer rests on where they are. Consider where you want to mount your motor so you can get off to a power assisted flying start.


Front Motor

Where is it? A hub attached to the front fork in the middle of the front wheel.

How does it work? It pulls the rider forward by rotating the front wheel, whilst distributing the weight of the motor over the front of the bike and the rider's weight over the rear leading to a relatively balanced ride.

What is the power capacity? Bafang's front motor is limited to the lower end: 220W - 350W.

How does it feel? A pulling sensation that allows you to set off cycling quickly.

Best suited for? Commuting and leisure cycling, helping to give you a little extra power during your daily ride.

Servicing & Maintenance? As it is isolated from other bike parts, it is easy to service and maintain. Check out our front motors here:


Mid Motor

Where is it? It is placed directly in between the pedals, at the bike's bottom bracket.

How does it work? It pushes the rider forward as it is connected directly to the drivetrain (pedals, cranks, chainrings, chain, cogs and derailleur), this makes the system more responsive to the rider and makes the best use of the motor power.

What is the power capacity? Bafang's mid motors have a wide range: 200W - 1000W.

How does it feel? This is the most balanced and comfortable ride as the centre of gravity is in the middle of the bike, offering a natural feeling e-assist.

Best suited for? Pretty much everything! Perfect for eMTBs and eRoad alike: ideal for adding a boost to your off-roading, allowing you to go on a longer exploration of a new city or just helping to get you up that hill on your daily commute.

Servicing & Maintenance? As it is on the inside of the bike it is more protected from external factors, therefore there is less wear and tear and it should need less maintenance. Simple to service and maintain.

All Bafang's mid motor models start with "M". Check out our mid motors here:


Rear Motor

Where is it? A hub attached to the rear fork in the middle of the rear wheel.

How does it work? It rotates the rear wheel , and the weight is all distributed at the rear of the bike.

What is the power capacity? Bafang's rear motor can go up to the highest end: 220W - 1000W.

How does it feel? A more natural riding experience with a slight pushing sensation.

Best suited for? Rear motors are best for riders wanting or needing more power, whether you're mountain biking or on the road.

Servicing & Maintenance? Can be harder to service and maintain due to its placement and integration within the bike. Check out our rear motors here:


This handy guide covers all the basic differences between motor placements, and we hope it helps in finding the right e-bike for you!

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