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KS16X 1554wh electric unicycle 2200W motor KS-16X

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KS16X 1554wh electric unicycle 2200W motor KS-16X


King Song 16X is truly the next generation electric unicycle. With state of the art, high performance components across the board, you can experience a wildly powerful ride and the peace of mind that comes with King Song's attention to quality.

KS-16X features a brand new futuristic design that brings a clear departure from previous models, and it's packed with tons of premium features for a truly convenient & comfortable ride like no other. 



Battery    84V 1554wh (Smart BMS with balance, over-charge, over-current and short-circuit protection)

Rated Power    2200w
Max Power    4200w
Top Speed    50km/h  (Top speed unlocked after riding 200km)
Travelling Range    Around 100 – 120Km (See real range tests below)
Diameter    440mm
Climbing Angle    Around 35 Degrees
Footrest Height    180mm
Available Color    Black (See Pictures)
Overall Dimension    590(H) x 495(L) x 180mm(W)
Tyre Size    16×3
Weight    Around 24,3Kg
Ports    Charging ports x2, USB ports x2
Lift Stop Rotation Switch    Improved dual mechanical switch
Tilt Protection    45 Degrees to both sides (It auto reset when the machine is placed back  onto the vertical position)
Speed Limit Protection    Voice alarm or beep alarm combined with tilt back
Low Battery Protection    When battery reaches 30% of capacity speed will decrease linearly;  5% Battery left triggers voice alarms; 0% Battery left, full stop and unable to ride.
Standard Accessories    1.5A Charger and user manual.

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