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How to measure and track the tire pressure of electric unicycles

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The measuring is done through the use of a manometer. A quality manometer is the only guarantee for a precise pressure measurement. Cheap manometers and pumps with such a meter are usually imprecise. Pay attention to the valve access as well. Some electric unicycles, such as the Ninebot, have a proprietary valve, which is small and can present a problem when trying to use a manometer without the necessary attachment. I recommend that you do a comparative test before you trust your manometer completely. Take a measurement and then check it with another one at your closest tire shop. Pay attention to the units of measurement, and if you are matching the pressure to a given recommendation, keep in mind in what unit of measurement it is given.

What is the difference between high and low tire pressure?

In order to get a clear idea of what the difference between high and low tire pressure is, I recommend that you watch the video below. In it, you can see the Segway Ninebot Z10 wheel, but the conclusions are valid for all electric unicycles.

Low pressure gives you better control at lower speeds, with rough terrain feeling much better. Low pressure is preferred by most people because of the everyday comfort it provides. However, low pressure also wears out the tire faster and you will have to change it earlier than normal.

High pressure gives you maneuverability and bigger range, but the ride at such a pressure becomes rather uncomfortable, feeling every unevenness on the surface.

How to set the tire pressure by type of surface?

Smooth surface (roadside) – If there are no holes or unevenness along the surface, then a good degree of comfort at higher speeds can be achieved with higher pressure. However, if there are bumps, holes or rough terrain, it is better to use moderate tire pressure for better comfort.

Off-Road – The lower pressure will help you to go through rough terrain more easily. The feeling in your legs will be softer. Also, the handling at lower speeds is better when the tire pressure is lower.

How does tire pressure affect the max range we can travel?

Aside from your weight, style of driving and the road surface on which you travel, tire pressure also plays an important role in the range of your wheel. The higher the pressure the lesser tire contact with the surface, which increases the range you can travel on a single charge.

Which is the most preferable pressure?

The pressure can differ greatly according to your everyday needs, requirements, and style of driving. The best option is to simply experiment with various amounts of pressure. Pump the tire to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, take it for a ride and determine for yourself what the feel is. If you feel it to be uncomfortable, lower the pressure a little bit and repeat until you find it comfortable enough to ride it every day.


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