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Posted by Drew Hartman on 11/1/2018 to Knowledge Center

Choosing an electric unicycle to buy and ride can be a labour of love, so we went ahead an broke up our electric unicycle suggestions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riding skills. We’ll break down the strengths of our recommendations, as well as list some useful specs to know. 

 The Best Electric Unicycles to Buy For Your Skill Level





Airwheel Q1 170WH


This 11’’ twin-wheeled unicycle will allow you to ease into learning how to ride.  Work your core while you ride! All you need is a “little” bit of balance to start, and a lot of practice to master. This EUC is perfect for cruising around or small commutes when you’re just staring out. CAD $796


  •  40km range, 18km/h top speed, 22 pounds, 11’’ wheel


     Solowheel Glide 2 / InMotion V5F:


The Glide 2 / V5F Electric Scooter is a perfect companion to go along with your riding needs. A Powerful 320Wh Battery, and weight capacity up to 265lbs makes G2 a perfect fit for anybody. It has a Larger 14’’ Wheel to ride over almost any surface and can climb up to an 18° slope. Better for city travelers who would enjoy mastering their ride. CAD $898.00


  • 25 km/h Top Speed, 25 mile range (40km), 26 pounds, 14’’ wheel


Airwheel X3 / X3S:


The X3 / X3S is one of the newest ways to commute short and long distances, with a little bit of practice of course. Featured with comfortable leg padding and a shock-absorbing 16” air tire, you’ll look forward to this part of your day, every day! CAD $496.00


  • 18 km/h max speed, 24 km range, 22 pounds






Solowheel Glide 3 / Inmotion V8 Electric Unicycle:


The G3 from InMotion can do it all - Tackle the roughest path, the steepest hill, and get there faster than most competition. The powerful 480Wh Battery and weight capacity up to 265lbs makes the G3 a perfect fit for people with demanding needs. It has a larger 16’’ wheel to ride over almost any surface and can climb up to an 18° slope. Perfect for those who have gained enough skills are are looking to upgrade. CAD $1298.00


  • 30 km/h top speed, 50km range, 26 pounds, 16’’ wheel



KS 14: KingSong KS-14S 800W / 840WH Electric Unicycle (EUC): 


The KS-14 is made with a compact design and excellent power pack which is loved by EUC enthusiasts. Its power coming from an 840WH battery and 800W motor is unmatched by competition. Perfect for those looking at longer travelling distances in a very reliable EUC. CAD $1795.00


  •  30 km/h top speed, 80 km max range, 32 pounds, 14’’ wheel


Ninebot - Segway One S2 / S1 – Unicycle:


The Ninebot - Segway One S2 / S1 compact and light weight state of art unicycle. The Ninebot / Segway One S2 lacks the impressive specs other intermediate EUC's have and we’re not going to lie, the One S1 is a difficult ride to master, but it’s well worth the effort. Riders with a unique skill set, and an ‘I can do anything’ mindset, may be able to tackle the One S1 pretty quickly. CAD $1197.00


  •  20km / h max speed, 25km range, 27 pounds










Inmotion V10F 2000W Electric Unicycle:



The V10F Electric Unicycle from Inmotion is the ultimate combination of power and speed that you need. Tackling the roughest paths, the steepest of hills, and going fast is a no-brainer for the V10F. With its upgraded 960Wh Battery and weight capacity of up to 265lbs, this EUC is full of groundbreaking engineering. Its Larger 16" Wheel is fun to ride and a must have for pros to go over any surface and climb up to a 30° angle. CAD $2149.00


  • 40 km/h top speed, 89-100 km range, 45 pounds, 16’’ wheel



KingSong 18 XL / L:


If you're looking for an extreme unicycle, look no further than the 18XL Electric Unicycle (EUC) from King Song. With a 1554WH Battery, 2000W engine, and a durable 18" wheel, this device truly stands out from the crowd. With superior ride quality and an upgraded power pack on the wheel, you will feel like a pro. Additionally, all King Song EUC are designed with in-machine fans to keep them cool, even on the longest of rides. CAD $2495.00 / 3195.00


  • 40-50 km/h top speed, 155km range, 43 pounds, 18’’ wheel


If you’re interested, we’d love to show you these amazing products in-person! If you’re not nearby we encourage you to click on the product title to learn more.

& if you’d like to see some of the unicycles in action, check out our YouTube channel!


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