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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Electric Unicycle

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Inmotion V8 is a smart electric unicycle developed by INMOTION Technologies Co., Ltd. It is also called Inmotion SCV V8, and SCV is short for sensor controlled vehicle, which is created by the company.

If you see any Inmotion V8 review, you will see that it is designed for anyone who loves one wheel electric scooter. You can drive it to anywhere you like on any different terrains, or you can ride, accelerate or zigzag the obstacles, etc.

However, there are still some common mistakes you need to know when you use your Inmotion unicycle V8. Try to avoid these wrong concepts and ride it correctly. Always remember that safety is first.

Misuse of the putter

Some users will directly use the putter to grab Inmotion V8 unicycle, it is not good. On one hand, it is easy to shorten the life of the putter; on the other hand, it has some security risks. If you do like this, the wheel will spin very fast and it may hit people when you land it. The correct way is to lift the unicycle with the fixed handlebar, and push it with the putter.

Skip the steps casually

Some players will choose to jump over the steps directly when they encounter a higher step. Occasionally, they will find that the wheel hub is deformed, and then it is a bit like shaking while riding, so the user experience is not as good as before.

Monowheels are generally made of aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy, with a high strength; you can see it from Inmotion V8 specs. But if the user’s weight is larger, riding over the steps may result in wheel deformation. Skipping the steps is not normal use, I suggest you not to do so.

Ride in the rain

The IP rating of Inmotion unicycle V8 is IP 54, so it is waterproof. It is still recommended that users ride it in the drizzle for no more than 10 minutes. If the unicycle cannot boot because of water invasion, you can unplug the power cord, open the motherboard and put it in the ventilated place for 2–3 days. If it still cannot boot, please contact after-sale service of INMOTION or contact your local distributor to solve the issue.

Power it off while riding

It is very dangerous to press the switch off button when you are riding your Inmotion V8. Fortunately, the system will stop you to do that as long as your speed reaches 1km/h or more and save you from a bad fall. The high-tech unicycle always wants to keep you safe, yet I still advise you not to do it.

Voice prompt/lighting effect/firmware file download failure

You can only download the voice prompt/lighting effect/firmware files under certain state of the vehicle. The specific state refers to the status when the vehicle is not motor-controlled, that is to say, the vehicle is tipped down or charged. If the transfer is not completed, it will continue to transfer when you download it next time. All files will only be applied after the transfer is complete. For example, you want to change the voice prompt, it will not be replaced until the new voice prompt is completely transmitted. If you cancel the transmission halfway, it will not be replaced with a new voice prompt, and it’s still the old one.

Riding any electric unicycle can be exciting and dangerous as well, Inmotion SCV V8 is also included. Yet, as long as your speed is not too high and you do in a right way as suggested above, you will be safe and still get great enjoyment from the unicycle.


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