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Types Of Electric Scooters You Can Find [In-depth Guide]

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Before you get to know the list of the types of electric scooters, it is essential to see what benefits you get when you use these machines. 


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A girl is enjoying on fun types of electric scooters - Segway

This girl loves Segway because it's easy and fun to ride

The benefits are numerous. And before you buy your electric vehicle, you have to decide what benefits you can use and accordingly make the right decision. 


I suggest you read fully this in-depth post about types of electric scooters and make smart choice!


Good luck!


No Harmful Effect On The Planet 

The most important for our planet is the fact that those vehicles are eco-friendly. That is important for us as well. We have to take care of the Earth, and there are a lot of things we can do.

Riding one of these is one of the most entertaining ways ever to save the planet. I am sure you will agree with me.

I appreciate the fact that this provides us so much fun and at the same time we don’t pollute the air. We were not born yesterday, and we know that electricity has to be clean to avoid further pollution. Not from coal, you know what I mean.

CLEAN ELECTRICITY is a power that is produced by wind, water, or sun energy.

Either way, we don’t pollute locally, and if that electricity is clean, then we don’t pollute at all. It doesn't matter what types of electric scooters we talk about - that's how things work!

A win-win situation if you ask me.

No Training And License For These Types Of Electric Scooters

Things you consider before buying some other vehicles do not apply there. These types of electric scooters require no special skills or long-time training. It’s so simple that everyone can learn to ride it in no time.

For these ones from the list you don’t need the license, and you can use it wherever you want as far as it safe enough.

If you have a powerful electric motorcycle, you aren’t so lucky. You need a license.

Different Types Of Electric Scooters Are Practical As A Swiss Knife

Some electric kick scooters are efficient and compact. Some people commute 2 miles every day to work and back with a car. That is nonsense.

You can arrive at the job in no time and fold it and carry in an elevator and park it behind or under the table. Even if you are traveling on a subway, you still have to walk or take a bus to the station, if you don’t have a scooter.

It is so practical and convenient. Of course, if in your city is raining every day you aren’t crazy to ride it and come to work like you were swimming to work, but you get the point, I believe.

One Of The Alternative Ways Of Transportation

A girl is texting on escooter


Yes, we can realize that these scooters are the best alternative way of transportation. Use it once, and you will never regret it.

Choose the right one, and your car will be there just in case of bad weather or some big weight transportation.

You will start to think differently and organize your life, so you don’t need your car at all or in worst case several times a month.

If you’ve spent your time so far thinking about owning or not some electric vehicle, after this you will only think about which type of electric scooter you should pick. And we are here to make sure you make a good decision.

Hang on there, because we are going to introduce you to all kind of types of electric scooters that can undoubtedly change your life.

Reading this, you will

Learn benefits of owning an electric vehicle

Become aware of some drawbacks of some vehicles

Learn types of electric scooters

Get a clearer picture of your real needs


There are three types of electric scooter

  • Electric Kick Scooter
  • Self-Balancing Escooter
  • Electric Moped 

However, all simplicity starts and ends right here. There is a tremendous amount of variety in subtypes you want to learn if you want to pick right one for you. 

What potential certain type has

Value for money

Am I satisfied with a speed it can deliver

A bunch other information for you  

I like first get to know all the options before I make my final decision.

That can't be a bad thing - I am sure you will agree.

So, let's start.

1. Types Of Electric Scooters - Electric Kick Scooters

Types of electric scooters that are perfect for commuting


Usually, there are two wheels, standing deck and handlebars which are in most case foldable and that’s it. Simple as that. There is nothing you should have besides this.

Maybe a seat, in case you have standing problems or something like that. Everybody can ride it; there is no time required for learning at all.

Types based on the numbers of wheels

  • Two-wheeled electric kick scooter
  • Three-wheeled electric kick scooter

There are some three-wheeled types if you want extra stability in corners. That is great; however, a two-wheel electric scooter is better for traffic and pedestrian zones if you want to break through the crowd. MORE ABOUT ENJOYBOT you can find in the post about best electric scooters.

The advantages of TWO-WHEELED electric kick scooters

It’s lighter

More compact

More practical in crowd and traffic

THREE-WHEELED electric kick scooters



  • Stands itself
  • No need for balancing
  • If you hit a pothole with one of those, impact is not so bad
  • Safer cornering       
  •   Its wider (bad for crowd and traffic)
  •   When you fold it ’s still big
  •   Slightly heavier

You can even take your kids to school on one of those. Of course, then you should be looking for a larger standing deck, and more powerful motor, but it is possible. Electric kick scooter has a lot of advantages you can use in your everyday life. Owning one can help you a lot, and at the same time, you can have some fun.

For example, you can take your child to school and then go to work after that. When you get to work, you can just fold it and take with yourself in the office and put it under the table.

The benefits are numerous. You drove your own child to school, and you got to work. On time, there is no fuss about traffic jams - that is not your concern when you ride one of those.

Just glide through the traffic, carefully, of course. You don’t need to worry about a parking lot, theft and so…


Electric kick scooters haven't built for doing tricks. The main reason is while you are learning tricks you will be falling a lot, and those impacts can be terrible for the batteries and the motor.


A scooter can resist bumpy ride and lousy road, but strong impacts are harmful for electric components.

Electric kick scooter cover all your needs for speed, power, and range


From the  



8 Mph

50 Mph


250 Watts

5400 Watts


8 Miles

78 Miles

Escooter is known as traffic killers. You can easily glide through traffic, roads, paths and with the average speed for around 15 mph and with no stop at all.

Having electric scooter is an answer to boring everyday commuting which is followed with congestion all the way.

Average commuting speed when you ride your car can be really low. That's because of numerous stops.

Try to calculate the average speed that your car provides you and pretend not to be shocked. For that calculation, you just need your distance and time you achieve riding to a destination.

Maybe you have 200 horsepower, 150 mph beast, however, when it comes to shorter distances with lots of traffic that average speed could be around 20 mph.

Also, we all know that roads aren't ideal. Most of these machines can easily ride over curbs, smaller potholes, and bumpy roads.

Some basic types of electric kick scooters you can find are:

  • Electric kick scooters for kids
    • Three-wheeled electric kick scooter for kids
  • Electric kick scooters for adults
    • Foldable electric kick scooters
    • Off-road electric kick scooters
    • Fat tire electric kick scooters

Electric kick scooters for kids

You have an enormous choice if you want one of these. The main differences between these and those for adults are in weight limit and size.

Check out >> Best electric scooters for kids!

Selection is based on speed and running time. You can choose some electric scooter which can run for around 40 minutes, and after that, you have to charge them 12 hours. Some of these are able to provide your child around 80 minutes of riding.

I can suggest you Razor. It is great for kids, although some scooters like Razor E300 is strong enough for adults as well.

If you are interested in Razor check out Best Razor scooters out there!

Three-wheeled electric kick scooter for kids

This type is an excellent choice for kids. It provides some extra support for some less experienced kids and protects them in situations that they can’t predict right now. Until they learn.

Provides some extra stability in corners and while a child is trying to change direction helps in balancing. And we all may agree on one thing.

Changing direction is all they're doing all day long. 


  • 2 wheels in the front and 1 on the back
  • 2 wheels on the back and 1 in the front

Electric kick scooters for adults

You have to look for the weight limit. You know it’s for adults if it can handle some serious weights.

In this group you can put every other type of electric scooter which is slightly bigger and stronger than any child can handle.

Foldable types of escooters

These are great for business people who commute every day to the office.

Like any other, this one is also fast and powerful, but practicality is the main card. People use an electric scooter because they are traffic killer and easy to ride and maintain.

However, when folded scooters came along, that was a game-changer. Not everybody needs crazy speed or range, but practicality? Just bring it on…

One of the best foldable escooters is Glion Dolly Foldable!

You Have A Foldable Electric Scooter That Has

1-second fold option

2,3-second fold option

Or more

This is not measured time. This is just my way to describe it to you.

One second fold option is crazy fast. You just kick it and fold it. It has that kind of folding mechanism. 

2,3-second fold option is also fast, but you need a slightly longer time to fold it. When I told longer, it means you need a very short time. You can easily fold it and put in a taxi, and nobody will notice that and horn you.

The third option is to buy a foldable electric scooter, which needs some time to fold. That are people who want some other qualities. Speed, power, off-road capabilities and if you buy that kind you don't need one-second fold option. But don’t get me wrong. You don’t need 2 weeks to fold it, just 20 second or so.

Off-Road Electric Kick Scooter

Be ready to pay some extra for one of those. This might be an excellent choice for those who want some fun in the woods and more extreme trails.

Roads are boring for you, and yes you are on them when you have to be. Of course, you can't fly away to your favorite off-road section.

Because of an extreme ride, SOME FEATURES are required:

  • Bigger tires (off-road tires)
  • Serious suspension
  • Serious construction
  • Powerful motor
  • More durable battery
  • Protective cage construction for batteries and motor

And you are undoubtedly aware of the fact that all of that means higher costs. As long as you get it, there wouldn’t be problems. You can find much more information about Qiewa QPower here.

Fat tires electric kick scooter

A man is sitting on fat tire escooter


This is just a scooter that has much wider tires. It comes with a seat and provides enormous comfort.

Reminds a bit on chopper motorcycles and it looks cool.

Tires are wide as tires on some cars. And in combination with a suspension, this is a buy of a century if you are interested in comfortable cruising.

Final words about electric kick scooters

Through all these sub types there is one more that intertwine. Electric kick scooter can have a seat. That is a great feature; it provides comfort and the ability to spend more time on the scooter.


  1. Scooters that comes with a seat
  2. Scooters that doesn’t come with a seat, but have an option for a seat
  3. Scooters that doesn’t have a seat nor option for afterward installation

If you ask me, Electric KICK Scooter is one of the most practical, efficient and the fastest way of commuting from point A to point B. However, it’s also much more than that. Electric kick scooter provides an enormous amount of fun and pleasure while you are riding it.

2. Types Of Electric Scooters - Self-Balancing Electric Scooters

Self-balancing types of electric scooters require some time for practicing and training. You may be struggling to have a balance at first, but believe me, this is something you learn quickly no matter how hard it seems in the beginning.

We can split this group into THREE DIVISIONS:

  • Hoverboards
  • Unicycles
  • Self-balancing personal transporters


Hoverboard types of electric scooters perfect for having fun


Some definition of hoverboards says that you ride it upright, in standing position. Maybe so, but I’ve seen kids who ride by sitting on and lying on two of those. Check best hoverboard reviews if you want to find perfect hoverboard for you!

You can see everything these days. Mass production began in 2014 and for kids that 4 or 5 years is more than enough to try every trick they can think of.

The hoverboard has 2 wheels, electric motor, and batteries. That is all we need to start a party. These machines can develop a speed up to 13 mph. Also, it can provide a range of around 12 miles.

A thing you should consider before buying this type of escooter is the fact that you can’t go easily over the curbs. You have to take off and take your hoverboard in your hands. Of course, you can practice and break your back a few times, but I doubt that it is a good idea.

Another thing you have to know is that hoverboards are just for you. You can’t give a ride to anyone. I am not saying that you couldn’t try and end up in the hospital, but I just recommend not to.


Great options some hoverboards offer

  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Lights
  • Off-road tires
  • Go kart accessories
  • Mobile app
  • Hoverboard case

Even if it doesn’t seem like that, with the hoverboard, you can do some crazy tricks and stunts. If you dare to go to a skate park and start learning - in some week or two, you can be the main attraction in a skate park.

However, WHILE you are learning, you will be the main attraction as well, but that would be because of falls. You have to check out what stunts this scooter can provide you if you are ready to practice.

You have some options as well when it comes to hoverboards

  • All-terrain hoverboards
  • Hoverboards with a handle
  • Hoverboards with knee control (hands-free)

In the first place, this type of electric scooter is so much fun. They can be handy and provide you fast commuting through the pedestrian zones. However, you have to know that there is some limitation in the way of not having the ability to jump on a curb.  And there is also greater risk while you are jumping off them.


A electric unicycle Airwheel parked on grass.


I know what you would say if you have to guess how many wheels has this one. That’s right - the one and only.

And believe it or not, that’s just enough. This is also as a hoverboard one fun machine.

Yes, you need some time to learn but isn’t that the case with every other cool stuff. You can also have fun in a skate park and learn to ride on those slopes and ramps.

Great Option

Electric unicycle can provide you a chance to hop on a higher curb. You have to practice a bit, but it is possible. Remember, practice makes perfect. And sometimes, stitches…

This is my favorite, because this may be the right choice for those who want to be fast in the crowd. When you ride it, you are narrow and agile. Perfect for crowded places. 

Of course, that means that you already have some riding skills on a unicycle.

Unlike a hoverboard, unicycle, you can use for jumping over some curbs or even one higher step.

Depending on the weight, you just need to squeeze with your legs and lift as high as you can. After a while, you will learn that, and then you won’t be able to get to get off the unicycle without being sad.

It simply provides so much fun.

Some specs of great unicycles

450 Watts electric motor

Range 12 miles

Weight limit 260 pounds

15 degrees of inclination (doable)

The main strength of this self-balancing escooter is that one wheel and compactness. It has lights and speakers. While you are riding it, you can be moving speaker as well.

Great Features of this types of escooters

It has a handle, and when it's folded you can carry it like a bag. It weighs just 30 pounds, so you can easily bring it to the office or into the market.

Another great feature is an app that is there for you to supervise your daily ride. Also, you can lock your unicycle when you want that.

I think that UNICYCLE has everything that modern man or woman needs. 

It is practical, safe, fast and reliable way of commuting.

Self- balancing personal transporters

Different types of electric scooters segway

Enjoying the amazing view

Segway is a brand that produces modern self-balancing personal transporters, electric kick scooters, even unicycles.

They produce self-balancing personal transporters, and they claim that those transporters aren’t hoverboards.

There are several self-balancing personal transporters by Segway:

Because of that, we provide a special place in this group for them. They also claim that their quality is much higher than everybody else.

It is evident that they provide high quality at not so high price, and because of that, they are more than successful.

Electric motors are extremely powerful. 800 watts is something special, indeed. That provides 11 mph speed and depending on rider weight it can provide range up to 19 miles.

Their personal transporters are powered by Ninebot technology.

There is knee control which is more than effective. You can easily learn to ride this in several minutes.

The precision of steering is from another world. Something extraordinary.

3. Types Of Escooters - Electric Mopeds

It is powered by an electric motor as well. There are batteries and noiseless riding too.

So, what’s the main difference between electric scooters and electric mopeds?

Mopeds are more comfortable, because of the seat that usually can accommodate 2 persons. That comfort also provides suspension and bigger tires. Inside the seat, there is a trunk for things you don’t want to carry on handlebars.

What makes electric mopeds more comfortable and safer?

Great extended seat post


Bigger wheels and tires

Indicators (turn signals)

Rear view mirrors

Bigger lights and higher position


Mopeds have greater range, stronger motors, and higher top speed. However, all that is followed by a higher price.

Types Of Electric Mopeds:

  • Mopeds for kids
  • Regular mopeds for adults (up to 1000 Watts)
  • Extreme powerful mopeds for adults (4 + Kilowatts)
Image of coolest types of electric scooters Electric Harley Davidson

The coolest electric scooter - Harley Davidson

You also have indicators, bigger lights, and rearview mirrors. By now you can conclude that this is some serious machines. Electric motors can have even 3, 4, or more kilowatts.

And ranges that provide are around 50 miles, and that is more than enough for traveling, not just commuting. 

Of course, this is a more serious machine than electric kick scooter, and you can notice that some of those look great, but the price is something you have to take calmly if you want one.

As far as I’m informed for some smaller dealers, you can even order some DIFFERENT PERFORMANCE PACKAGES. That means that you can buy a machine that goes even more than 50 miles per charge and has higher maximum speed.

The main rule when it comes to looking for an electric vehicle is how much I can invest in my ride. The concept is simple; every rider knows how fast, extreme, and long he will ride.

If you want to ride as far and as fast as possible and money is not an issue, this should be one of the best solutions you can choose.


Old man is having fun on kick escooter


I hope that you made up your mind and have a clearer picture on what types of electric scooters you like. There is one advice or two you could use, and if you haven't decided yet, I am sure that you are a bit closer.

That was the primary goal, help you and introduce with everything these types of electric scooters have on the table for users. 

The blog post How to choose the right electric scooter for you will help you if you're still indecisive. 

I hope that this list of types covers all needs and demands that anyone can have. Electric kick scooter group is huge, and it was a pleasure to introduce you to the basics. It was necessary breaking down that enormous group to give you clear insight. Hope you enjoyed it and you see it all more evident now.

There on the market are countless electric scooters, and there is the right pick for everyone, so I am wondering what is your best choice and why?

What are your needs, and what is your advice for people with similar needs?

We will be more than thrilled that share some experiences with you.



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