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Advantages of Electric Scooter | Why Should you buy an Electric Scooter?

Posted by Tom Lee on

I would say that deciding to get an electric scooter really depends on the needs of a one’s family, especially if you have kids in your home. So, first, you need to know the answer to “Why Should I Get an Electric Scooter”?

Why Should I get an Electric Scooter image

Why Should I get an Electric Scooter image

The main reason that why I would get an electric scooter is that cost per km for running this is cheaper than a motorcycle or a petrol scooter. They are highly efficient for local transportation. With an electric scooter, you can reach your destination comfortably.

Why Should I get an Electric Scooter?

I have listed down some of the advantages of Electric Scooter over a traditional bike.

  • An electric scooter is easy-to-maintain. It has a durable body made of aluminum or stainless steel. It has pneumatic tires which reduce the chance of flat tire.
  • Since it is sleek in design, it can be parked easily anywhere or it can be carried easily instead of parking.
  • The main advantage of an electric scooter is its cost. It is affordable for everybody. It cost under 100$.
  • It is very good for fun and enjoyment of kids. Some models are exclusively built for kids.
  • Some models of electric scooter are able to run without any battery. It is particularly suited for kids who can drag it with their feet.
  • Due to the presence of a powerful motor, rear brake, hand operated acceleration control and inflatable tires with appropriate width and diameter electric scooter gives a very smooth ride.
  • Another factor that makes electric scooter is that it helps to save time. In this busy city life, commuting to and from work becomes very cumbersome due to heavy traffic and people on the roads. With an e-scooter, you will have no trouble in taking a short cut through the subway, a shopping mall or parking lots.
  • Electric scooter has a very low carbon footprint. According to a study an average car releases 229 grams of greenhouse gases per passenger, per kilometer but an electric scooter produces only 16 grams. It cuts over the carbon footprint by over 1300 %.
  • You can burn calories and get fit. An e-scooter helps to burn about 200 to 600 calories per day.
  • Electric scooters are readily available on rentals. If you are not a frequent user of this scooter, it is a better option to rent out one.

Reasons to Consider while buying an Electric Scooter

There are some reasons to consider while buying an electric scooter. They are:

Reasons to Consider while buying an Electric Scooter image

  • It is the best alternate mode of transportation. It runs on battery. So no need to visit petrol pumps.
  • It has limited speeds as compared to petrol bikes. Therefore; there is no need for any license.
  • It is light in weight and portable. If it breaks down in the middle of the road, it can be carried easily back to the garage.
  • It is safe to ride as it offers hand-operated acceleration control along with a rear brake. It has backlight also.
  • It is comfortable to use. Some models of electric scooters come with seating options. The frame is quite long so that an average person can hold it without bending forward.
  • It produces very less noise as a chain operates the motor. It does not produce any smoke. It is environment-friendly.

Having said that there is a huge number of advantages of electric scooter, it is now very easy to make the decision of buying one. But we know everything has its pros and cons. An e-scooter has many disadvantages too. One of them being it is very difficult to ride on highways due to its low speed. Another major disadvantage of is the resale value. These scooters have very less resale value. It is very difficult to find the buyers of second hand e-scooter. They have very less market value and are likely to fetch more than scrap value. Keep visiting our Best E-Scooter portal for more information.




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