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10 Tips on Riding Electric Scooters in the Right Way

Posted by Tom Lee on

How to ride an electric scooter

Brum Brum! The sound we all are familiar with old style scooters. The world has changed and so has the vehicles and traffic rules. Technology has taken over the roads and commutes, making electric scooters one of the best examples. E-scooters are one of the safest ride but still needs some tips on riding that can not be overlooked. Don’t forget to watch the video below on riding tips.1. Protect your Body 

Many accidents can not be averted even if you take precautions. Therefore, it is essential to protective helmets, knee pads and elbow pads. Always wear an elbow and knee guard for protecting the sensitive skin on those areas from scrapes and scratches. Gloves are a better option as well for offering grip on the handlebar.

2. Check the tires

Never forget to check the tires before leaving to ride. Most specifically it is mandatory to check the air pressure in the tires. Constantly check when the treads are worn out. Replace if needed.

3. Focus While Riding 

It is easy to lose focus of your surroundings while riding. Pay attention to pedestrians, oncoming traffic and other barriers. You have to be extra careful to prevent accidents. Abide by the regulations and rules, follow the path of people and safeguard yourself from infested places.


4. Be Aware of Barriers

Barriers may include potholes, bumps, and crevices. These are one of the major reasons of e-bike accidents. Concentrate while riding or slow and stop if necessary. Ideally, the key aspect is to stay calm, slowly decrease your speed until you come to a full stop. If stopping is not possible, immediately head towards a less crowded area or away from traffic. Be aware of puddles as well. Puddles might seem to be harmless, but they can be rather dangerous. They could hide holes and other crevices that could lead to a serious injury. 

5. Avoid Slippery Surfaces

Be extra conscious while riding an e-bike on slippery and wet surfaces such as marble tiles, metal surfaces, wet streets, and muddy sidewalks. Water makes it more difficult for the tires to support your scooter, reduce friction between the tires and roads and might potentially cause injuries. Always keep a low speed when cruising on wet terrain. 

Avoid from the slippery terrains while riding electric scooter
Avoid from the slippery terrains while riding electric scooter

6. Don’t Ride During Lightning Storms ⚡

Rain and thunderstorms can make an electric scooter ride dangerous. However, if a lightning storm occurs, stop riding right away and rush to seek refuge. Lightning is extremely dangerous, especially when you are riding an electric scooter. 

7. RTM (Read the Manual)

There is a lot of work that goes to ensure manuals are informative, concise, accurate and easy to read. The manuals should contain information regarding assembly, usage, maintenance and much more. Reading the manual is the first and foremost step in getting familiar with all the controls of your e-scooter.

8. Understand Your State and Local Laws

Whether you can legally ride your electric scooter entirely depends on the varying mix of state and local laws. Your state might allow e-scooters but your city might not. Ask yourself a few important questions for apprehending the state and local laws regarding e-bikes. All these questions are decided at the state or local level. It’s best that you are aware from all of them. 

  • Can you ride on the sidewalk?
  • Can you ride in bike lanes?
  • Can you cross at intersections?
  • Do you need a valid driver’s license?

9. Use Hand Signals

It is important to be aware of your surroundings. The part of surrounding awareness also incorporates the hand signaling to passers-by. Turning left, turning right or stopping are few of the electronic turn signals done through the arm movements. 

The signals vary from community or region to region. In some communities, you can also signal a right turn by extending your left arm out. This is common enough that, as a rider or pedestrian, you should be aware of it.

Hand signals to use while riding electric scooter
Hand signals to use while riding electric scooter

Make sure you quickly glance behind you to see  before making a turn if there are any pedestrians. And also be extra careful as not all electric scooters can be operated with one hand. hand.

10. Avoid Unfavorable Riding Conditions

Unfavorable conditions can be natural or might be some rough road conditions, low-light, crowds, and uneven pavement. Although most of the e-scooters are equipped with LED headlights however, it’s always best to avoid low-light conditions whenever possible because it becomes hard to see what’s in front of you, especially when you’re traveling faster than 10, 11, 12 mph. Moreover, electric scooters work best on a flat, level pavement. Stay away from sharp inclines, steep hills and, most of all, uneven pavements. 




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