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How to Charge Electric Scooter Battery and How Long it takes?

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Below article is about how to charge your electric scooter and how long does an electric scooter take to charge. The very important part of an electric scooter is the engine and the battery. Until the battery sends impulse the engine cannot be started. Sometimes with excess use, the battery gets weak and need to be replaced.

How to Charge Your Electric Scooter?

Generally, the battery is necessary to be recharged. The time for the battery to get completely recharged depends on the brand; it varies from brand to brand. How long does an electric scooter take to charge depends on the brand of the electric scooter you are using.

How to Charge an Electric Scooter image

How to Charge an Electric Scooter image

The important thing about the battery is that it is needed to charge regularly. Never leave the battery to completely discharge. By charging the battery regularly its lifetime increases. Overcharging the battery affects it adversely.

Electric scooter charging guide

The below guide gives the complete information about how to charge an electric scooter battery.

Unhooking the battery

The good way to recharge the battery is that when it left in some open air to get charged. Generally charging produces a lot of heat and if recharging is done in some enclosed area then there is no chance for the heat to escape and battery gets overheated. The most common scenario of overheating is that the electric connection begins to wear off. Removing the battery is simple. The terminals of the battery are generally connected with two wires which in turn connect the electrodes to the engine. The connection is in the form of slides in hatches or two clips. Generally, the battery firm is connected to the scooter with the help of plastic or metal rod. With the help of a screwdriver, you can remove the screws that hold them intact.

Placing battery for recharge

There are two types of chargers. One type of charger is that it is connected to the battery with two wires. There two wires are black and red. Generally, black is connected to the negative terminal and red is connected to the positive terminal. The charger is then plugged into the electricity supply for recharging. Another type of charger is in the form of the encasement. The battery is removed from the scooter and placed in the power cord which is connected to the electric supply for the recharge to start.

Deciding the time when to disconnect

Generally, chargers come with indicators that it lights up the green color light when the battery is once fully charged. If in case there are no indicators to show then the standard way to charge the battery is generally 24 hours by alternating time gap of 6 hours for a continuous charge. Once the battery is fully charged then it is set to reassemble.

Checking for a complete charge

A voltmeter is a device used to determine the amount of current that an appliance for retaining. When the two terminals are connected to voltmeter it shows how much voltage is preserved. The minimum voltage should be between 12 to 13 volts. If the voltage is less than 12 volts then it means the battery is needed to be recharged for a long time.

Reassembling the battery

Replace the battery into the scooter after it is fully charged.  Set the battery in the previous alignment and fix it with the help screws. The rod holding the battery should be tightly secured. The two terminals are clipped in the right order on the battery.

Tips for maintaining the battery

Check the manual of electric scooter and make sure that the voltage is appropriate for the electric scooter. If the voltage is too high then it shorts out the life of the battery. If your electric scooter is not in use and stored aside even then charge it for one or two times in a month which helps to ensure the battery performance at the top level when you again start to use it regularly. Charging the battery fully every night is advisable. If you are thinking to replace the charger or a battery then try to get the exact model of the original one. If chargers and batteries match each other then it will perform better and last longer.

This is the complete electric scooter charging guide which provides you with the complete knowledge about how to charge an electric scooter. There are also some things that you must pay your attention to daily charge the battery. Taking care of battery every day helps to increase the maximum life span. For more information, please our visit Electric Scooter portal regularly.



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