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Micro-mobility - The Future of Micro-commute

Posted by Tom Lee on

In the past few years, micromobility has emerged as a potential solution for urban transportation. But what does “micromobility” mean exactly, and why people start adopting this “new way of transportation”?  Here is a quick guide: 

Micromobility refers to lightweight and personal vehicles that can carry one or two passengers, including electric scooters, electric skateboards, and electric bicycles. They are designed for short trips and run on charged batteries. They are all electric, fun-to-ride, easy-to-learn with an additional feature of eliminating the high cost of gas which is a bonus. 

Short trips are usually describing the first and last mile of your journey, like from your home to the bus station; or any trips that are too close to drive but too far to walk. While around 60% percent of all trips in the United States are under five miles, utilizing micromobility has a higher advantage than regular cars that include some unique features. Here we listed the top three highlights of micro mobility that we love and want to share.


“You don’t need to take a lesson before you get on a scooter. You can just get on and ride it” - Richard Z. 

BikeZero Ring The future of micro-mobility

Convenience is the key to micromobility, and why it is favored in cities such as New York and California. Many electric scooters and bikes that are foldable, extremely light-weight and do not require a license or insurance. They mitigate our daily routine struggles, especially in traffic congestion and urban areas with high parking demand.  


“Escape the traffic chaos, connect and feel the city close...” - Rio J. 

Micro-mobility is fun

Nature is beautiful and it might be one of the simplest ways to ease our busy and stressful lives. Micromobility offers lively and exciting rides - fast enough to have fun, but not enough to be dangerous. Moreover, it is designed to help us be more engaged with nature by breathing fresh air and feeling the warmth of the sun.


“The wide availability of micromobility may provide the fastest and cheapest path to lower carbon emissions' ' - Levi G. 

Micro-mobility urban transportation

Megacities worldwide are facing an epidemic of carbon pollution caused by rapid urbanization. Nearly 20% of the United States’ car emission was produced by car trips under 5 miles. Micromobility uses clean energy like rechargeable batteries and contributes to lowering transportation emission effectively. While you are enjoying your ride with better convenience and pleasure, micromobility helps transform your city into a better place!  

Bike to work - new era of urban transportation

People start recognizing micromobility is the future of eco-friendly urban transportation. This new concept has been validated by many European and Asian countries. In Denmark, for example, riding a bike or scooter is a key mode of transportation. If you travel to the European countries, you can notice many people ride to work in the business official dress which is very rare to see here. Or girls hang out together with their bikes or scooter to have brunch and enjoy the rest of their weekend by riding around the city.


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